2011/8/8 Merlijn van Deen <valhallasw@arctus.nl>
Hello Bináris,

Based on the page [1], this actually seems correct. If you check the TOC. It uses this exact same format.


It indeed is a 'sort of urlencoded' section title. However, this is how the sections are named (check the span id's), so I think this is correct.

No, it is not really; if you edit the section you will see the original section title:
Partraszállás Szicíliában (Huskey hadművelet)
The problem is just that some people copy it from the TOC or the URL bar. In Hungarian, they will always differ if there is any accented letter in the title. But they should be wikilinked in a readable form. In languages without accents this happens less often, for example in case of parenthesed titles like this. This one is technically correct but useless if you want to read the link during edit or when you move the mouse on it.

So the question is still valid: do we have a tool for unencoding them or I have to write it myself?
Thanks for your effort!