On 28 August 2011 13:27, Dr. Trigon <dr.trigon@surfeu.ch> wrote:
I'm thinking about a good implementation for translations. As you
are switching to translatewiki I would like to do this also. The
actual question is how to do so??

At the moment, there is not really an obvious answer for scripts not in svn, as all translations are stored in svn. I'm not sure if it's possible to create translations on translatewiki.net for keys that are not already in svn.

If this is possible, the most reasonable solution to me would be this:
  1) follow the guide to translating (http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/pywikipedia-l/2011-January/006632.html)
  2) use keys starting with 'thirdparty-drtrigon'; i.e. thirdparty-drtrigon-
  3) if you can create the keys on translatewiki: do that. if not:
    b) submit a bug report to get your translations in svn, so they can be translated

There might be some problems with the location of translation files, however (I think pywikipedia will search them in the i18n subfolder based on the script you are running, which will fail if your scripts are not in the same location as the other pywikipedia scripts). Might be solveable with some symlinks, though.