In a lucky case we will loose the tracked e-mail threads again. Once on SF when I opened a new bug or contributed to one, I immediately marked the e-mail coming from SF with a label, and in Gmail all subsequent mails were automatically marked as well, so I could easily track my bugs. With moving to Bugzilla I lost all of them, and tried to get them back one by one. Now this is a great opportunity to begin from sratch again. I really do enjoy this ethernal moving from site to site, from version system to version system, and I would like to propose to make it every month, just for fun.

2014-11-14 8:03 GMT+01:00 Jan Dudík <>:
In one week bugzilla will move to phabricator.

I am still not friend with phabricator, and I am not able to find how
to report bugs about pywikipedia. Is somewhere something about it,
some project etc?


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