On 30 December 2012 22:34, Bináris <wikiposta@gmail.com> wrote:

2012/12/30 Dr. Trigon <dr.trigon@surfeu.ch>

to git. For me the most important thing would be that finally somebody
is able to build a VCS that is not that bad that everybody has to
replace it after 5 years again...(CVS, SVN, git, <next candidate?>)
(how should it explain this to my children...?! ;))
Tell them that Santa Claus has taken the previous one to North Pole because his deers need it. They will understand!

I mentioned this discussion to a member of the WMF staff who advised that moving directly to Git/Gerrit would be much better and linked to http://phenoelit.org/blog/archives/2012/12/21/let_me_github_that_for_you/index.html and http://www.drupal4hu.com/node/242 as just a couple of reasons as to why not to use GitHub.