Hi! Please help me.

Hungarian dates are in the form yyyy. mm. dd., or yyyy. <monthname> dd., without leading zeros.
In a text environment we use the month names, so I replace numbered months with named months, and I remove leading zeros from day numbers.
The line in fixes.py is, for January:
            (ur'(\d{1,4}(?:\]\])?)\. ?01\. ?(\d\d?)', ur'\1. január \2'),
This is OK, no problem up to this point.

The rule is that the day number has to be followed by a dot, except it is followed by a hyphen and a suffix.
First level of enhancement is to write a dot if necessary.
I made some experiments with (?(id/name)yes-pattern|no-pattern) syntax (http://docs.python.org/py3k/library/re.html), but with no valuable result. Can you help me? There will be further levels if this task is solved because users are very creative in making errors.
Further problems are: