Every now and then we face the problems of separate needs of this old Python version. See just my previous letter about async_put or the lack of a basic conditional expression. 2.5 is a point where many things are much simpler to handle.
Time is going on its way and one day we noticed the calendar showed the 2012th year. 2.4 is just as an old lumber in the middle of the room you have to go round about all the time. Let's throw it out.
Last time I proposed this there were voices saying some people are forced to use this historical version. I would like to know how big this problem is and if it is still the reality.
So I created a page to collect these cases here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:Bin%C3%A1ris/Python_2.4_review

I propose three steps:
  1. Move the above mentiond page to public space, e.g. Manual:Pywikipediabot/Python 2.4 review
  2. From now on (after a few days of discussion) wikipedia.py should check for sys.version and if it turns out to be <2.5, then display a warning and ask the user to visit this page and explain his/her reasons or just sign it. (I think we are not allowed to collect automated feedbacks so this is the only way.)
  3. After 2 months we review this page and with this information we may decide what to do with 2.4, keep or deprecate. In better case we will be able to determine a deadline for upgrading, in the worse case I will sadly accept the importance of 2.4 for the future.
(I think we should have been talking about Python 3000 for quite a time, not 2.4.)
Btw, I see some 2.3 related code remnants in wikipedia.py lines 144 to 154 of current version, although 2.3 is no more supported, AFAIK. Are they necessary?