I use Python frecuently, and today I start working with pywikipediabot, wich is a very good library, by the way.

But I think that the workflow is very out-of-the-python-way. I explain my point:

To make a script that uses this environment, you need to put the code on the main directory of pywikipediabot, or do some links to that directory. But usually, when you use a third-party module on Python, you should have the chance to "install" the module and load it with a simple

import pywikipediabot


from pywikipediabot import wikipedia

And doing thins on any directory on your system, without any extra configuration or needed files. I think this could be a nice feature, because it respects the python-way, and gives the chance to distribuite the module much more easier using 'distutils'[1] or even Debian packages

[1] http://docs.python.org/distutils/index.html

Pablo Recio