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2012/1/2 Merlijn van Deen <>
2011/12/24 Tuszynski, Jaroslaw W. <>

Running in the background produces infrequent but steady stream of beeps, which I canít figure out how to turn off. It seems like occasionally when program tries to display am non English character it beeps. The beep does not respond to computerís volume or †mute control. I was looking for an option for less verbose output, but could not find one. Is there any other way to control it other than disabling motherboard speaker?

Under which codepage are you running? You can check this using 'chcp' in the cmd.exe shell.

I cannot reproduce this problem with codepage 850 under windows 7.

I wanted to write: here is a page to reproduce:
Try to run a dummy on it. E. g. change a to b. This is an extreme example with some minutes of continous beeping. Not only beeps it, but in some cases (when there are many beeps, not just 2-3) freezes the command window for a time. After seeng a few examples, I am quite sure that source of the problem is the dot used as separator template because it occured in many beeping pages and has plenty of occurences on this page. The whole story reminds me of good old times when we hid beep characters (CHR(7)) into the text to make the computer beep on type command.

But now I cannot reproduce myself! This page was marked here for a while because I wanted to write you the example, but in the moment it does not beep. Neither beeps (12 beeps counted) that does not have the separator dot character. I don't know if I had marked them before your change to transliteration or later so it would be good to know if other people still have the problem.

But I catched something very important just in this minute! It still beeps set back my console to raster fonts, but not with Consolas!

The problem is that beeping began when I moved to this computer, Hungarian Windows 7 Prof, Python 2.7 from the old English Windows XP Home, Python 2.5, too many changes to choose. :-)

Excluse me for these many curves in my story, but I was checking and experimenting during comosing this letter.
Summa summarum: the problem is still alive with raster fonts, but ceased with Consolas. Thank you, Merlijn! So this is the advice to anyone suffering from it. The difference is not only in noise, but the velocity of pywikibot.showDiff().
(I don't use, just replace.)