Even I myself am starting to familiari[sz]e myself with rewrite (I've been using trunk all along).

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Since xqt! is putting A LOT OF EFFORT into the project to finally
merge trunk with rewrite (at least the bot scripts), you should USE

The only reasons not to do so are:
- - you started using trunk already some while ago
- - you need a function implemented in trunk already and have no time to
port it to rewrite by yourself (and nobody else is willing to do so)

Greetings and have fun with rewrite!

On 22.06.2013 22:21, Merlijn van Deen wrote:
> On 21 June 2013 22:43, Chinmay Naik <chin.naik26@gmail.com
> <mailto:chin.naik26@gmail.com>> wrote:
> For our bot, we will be having normal functions like
> creating/updating items, claims, sources etc.(the Trunk seems
> sufficient for these functions). I have started coding with the
> Trunk but now i am a bit concerned about the lifetime about Trunk
> branch. Any chances it may be get outdated and then i would have
> to port to Release??
> It's mostly the backend code that is much cleaner in rewrite. As
> such, it is much easier to add/extend functionality, which can be
> useful with the changes that happen to wikidata - after all, the
> entire infrastructure is still somewhat under development.
> Although trunk development will not stop soon, I would suggest to
> start new wikidata bots using rewrite, for the reasons above.
> I am also concerned about the pace of development of the Rewrite
> branch. >From another thread, I have noticed about changes to
> editEntity() to create items etc...
> This is a change to the *wikidata api*. As an end-user of
> pywikipedia - trunk or rewrite - you should not notice these
> changes. As such, I am not sure why you connect this to 'the pace
> of development of the Rewrite branch'.
> On 22 June 2013 21:37, Strainu <strainu10@gmail.com
> <mailto:strainu10@gmail.com>> wrote:
> 2013/6/22 Bináris <wikiposta@gmail.com
> <mailto:wikiposta@gmail.com>>:
>> We have no statistics on users but I think for some reason that
>> trunk is more widely used.
> The reason is python2, at least for me :)
> Could you elaborate on that? Unless you are running an ancient
> version of python2 (<= 2.5), there should not be any problems
> running rewrite.
> Merlijn
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