Thank you, that was not quite the asnwer I hoped.
I have many own extensions to, but I appreciate your effort, and I wll try to write a list with the standard features.
Yes, this is the only reason I have Python 2.

<> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. jún. 1., K, 19:57):

Hi Binaris,

I remember there was an issue but I am not able to investigate into this matter. The compat branch is very outdated and does only support Python 2. My Python developing version is 3.9, the production system runs with 3.7 and for some reason I have also 3.5 installed which is the default environment on tools.

The only way I can support you is to re-implement the missing functionality. Where is the lag in core? What are you missing?


> Am 01.06.2021 um 08:51 schrieb Bináris <>:
> Hi folks,
> I remember that a point the login process of compat was broken, and developers told they didn't bother any more to correct it. [1]
> I intensively used compat, because the new is not in the vicinity of my compat version.
> But last year there was a problem where all bots were forcedly logged out, and now I cannot use my bot.
> Has anything happened since [1]? Or can you give me any hint, how to begin to solve it on my own?
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> Bináris
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