Hi All,

I had set up system such that every day the pymediawiki would insert a page into my local wiki (csdms.colorado.edu). This worked fine for a year till I updated to mediawiki 1.16.0 (from 1.15.4). Since than the pagefromfile.py isn't working anymore for me.

I updated all the pywikipedia code, still no luck, the following error message is created (See below).
I did a check to see if the family / user-config.py & password file is set up correctly, with "python login.py" and that works fine, the bot is able to log into the wiki.
Also, "$wgEnableWriteAPI" is added to the LocalSettings.php file.

Any idea what might go wrong?
Thanks Albert.

Error message after command:
python ~/web/pywikipedia/pagefromfile.py -v -file:<some wikicoded.txt> -start:startpage -end:endpage -force

Requesting API query from csdms:en
error occured, code:writeapidenied
info:You're not allowed to edit this wiki through the API
  File "/home/faculty/kettner/web/pywikipedia/pagefromfile.py", line 348, in ?
  File "/home/faculty/kettner/web/pywikipedia/pagefromfile.py", line 344, in main
  File "/home/faculty/kettner/web/pywikipedia/pagefromfile.py", line 154, in run
    self.put(title, contents)
  File "/home/faculty/kettner/web/pywikipedia/pagefromfile.py", line 211, in put
    page.put(contents, comment = comment, minorEdit = self.minor)
  File "/data/home/faculty/kettner/web/pywikipedia/wikipedia.py", line 1710, in put
    newPage, self.site().getToken(sysop = sysop), sysop = sysop, botflag=botflag, maxTries=maxTries)
  File "/data/home/faculty/kettner/web/pywikipedia/wikipedia.py", line 1861, in _putPage
    output("OriginalData:%s" % faked)
  File "/data/home/faculty/kettner/web/pywikipedia/wikipedia.py", line 7576, in output
    print traceback.print_stack()
OriginalData:{'maxlag': '5', 'title': u'Model download Page', 'starttimestamp': '0', 'format': u'json', 'basetimestamp': u'20101103200220', 'summary': 'Automated import of articles *** existing text overwritten ***', 'token': u'864496fb7619522ce8cb49451cd856af+\\', 'bot': u'1', 'notminor': u'1', 'action': 'edit', 'nocreate': u'1'}
Unknown Error. API Error code:writeapidenied
Information:You're not allowed to edit this wiki through the API
End of file.

Albert J. Kettner
Research Scientist
CSDMS, INSTAAR, Univ. of Colorado
P.O.Box 545
Boulder, CO, 80309, USA