Thank you, thank you! That's a nice day. :-)))

2010/11/6 <>
I've submitted it (with some minor changes) in r8700
Thanks a lot.

2010/11/6 <>
Is there any reason or advantage for putting the page in asyncron mode while I am using manually?
Yes, there is, definiately. It makes the useful work faster: I answer the yes/no/edit... question for example 100 or 300 times very quickly with just uparrow and enter, then I go to have lunch or bath or read a book while it saves. When there are easy corrections (for example spelling with a good fix or changing some text manually), it will often continue saving 15-30 minutes after I finished. This was a great invention. With page.put() we should always wait for saving before we got the next article to edit.
I guess this should be changed to normal put and put operation in -always mode maybe done asyncroneously to save time for searching and processing the next pages like does it with -async option.
I think the speed of automatic procession depends primarily of putthrottle time, not the process itself. Searching maybe a question; using -cat, -links, -file it is quick; using -xml it stops after each 20th page to search, but with direct search from Wikipedia with -start it may take a lot of time to get the next 60 articles and no time to go to the next one within a 60-page pack.