If a section is unsigned and there is no timestamp, how can you find sections via their revision timestamp? And expect that the timestamp is a datetime object?


On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 8:57 AM, John Mark Vandenberg <jayvdb@gmail.com> wrote:
Recently we had a few cases of code that didnt compile getting merged
(I have +2 some of them.. :/), so I have fast tracked the addition of
a set of tests which run every script with -help , and with -simulate.
These new tests add about 3 minutes to the test suite execution, and
add basic validation that the scripts compile and at least main() can
be executed.

There are a few scripts which do not emit help on -help,  Not too many.

The -simulate argument prevents the scripts from writing to any wiki.
Without any other argument, the script should do argument parsing, and
usually quit as if called with -help, or provide some informative
error message.

Many scripts do not do proper argument parsing and environment sanity
checking, resulting in exceptions.

The new tests, annotated with bug numbers, is here:

The "auto_run_script_list" is the list of scripts which start work
without any additional arguments.  For those scripts, the tester may
wait up to 5 seconds before it kills the process - we may be able to
reduce that delay per script by fixing some of the bugs.

Due to some fancy legwork by Legoktm, we now have six Travis builds
occurring after each checkin, including running these tests against
1. English Wikipedia,
2. Arabic Wikipedia, and
3. Wikidata.


This means that a month old critical bug is now visible in the two
Arabic Wikipedia builds which are failing.  There is a patch to be

The 'basic' script failing on the py2.6 wikidata build seems to be
because py2.6 unit tests are executed in alpha order of the test
script name, and the wikidata login doesnt happen earlier for
wikidata, but does occur earlier for test scripts against English and
Arabic Wikipedia.  I am currently working on a fix for this build

John Vandenberg

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