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I guess pywikibot.translate() keeps valid and will not be deprecated. i18n.twtranslate() is for translation dictionaries of the i18n subdirectory only, which is marked as external and imported from rewrite branch. Maybe in the future all translations are coming from translatewiki.net and and stored in i18n including localisations for bot operator messages, and a lot of site depencies are accessable via api. But I am sure there remains other stuff pywikibot.translate()  is needed.

This. .translate() really is a generic way of linking data to families/languages, with fallback implementation. As such, it can be used for translation, but also for configuration.

In general, I would think all translations should be located in translatewiki, and thus be used using i18n.twtranslate. I'm not sure if this should happen for scripts that are not in SVN, though (as the translations are saved in SVN, too). So I could imagine a non-svn script would still need to use .translate().

In the future, it would be nice to store configuration on-wiki. However, this is a long-term project, so for now we will just use .translate() for that.

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