Ooops, hit send too soon.

The rest of what I wanted to say was that, for better or worse, git has won, at least now.  Looking for client applications that make it easier to use is a good thing, but I hope nobody is thinking of moving to some other VCS for the underlying repository and protocol.

On Feb 20, 2023, at 12:21 PM, Roy Smith <> wrote:

I've used a few VCS's in my time.  Unless I've forgotten something, RCS, CVS, SVN, ClearCase, Perforce, hg, and most recently git.  I can't argue that git is complicated.  Probably more complicated than most people need.

On Feb 20, 2023, at 12:11 PM, wrote:

Hi Binaris,

I am with you that gerrit is much more difficult to handle than svn. I remember that bad time after the switch and I had to make a lot of tries and errors and I was about to give up and leave the project.

As we met us in Berlin decades ago I think you also was a Windows user and I thought that you was more familiar with git/gerrit than I was it that date.

Anyway I have found a nice way to contribute to the gerrit repository: The magic is TortoiseGit, easy to use, graphic UI and some useful 

Am 20.02.2023 um 14:20 schrieb Bináris <>:

Thank you for the idea! This sounds interesting. But I would have to upload my private key to Toolforge, which sounds bad, wouldn't I?

Yusuke Matsubara <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. febr. 20., H, 12:48):
Hi Bináris

Can you perhaps push from your toolforge user directory? [1] As a
workaround, something like this might work for you.

1. Download the pywikibot zip to your local environment. Apparently
it's Windows in your case, but it can be anything.
2. Make changes to the files. I assume you can run tests as well.
3. Use ssh to login to toolforge, and use git clone to setup a clone
of the pywikibot git repository in your toolforge user directory.
4. Copy the locally changed files to your toolforge user directory.
(Use a rsync or sftp client.)
5. Back to the toolforge shell, commit the changes to the repository
in your toolforge user directory, and push using git review.


# I see the linked phabricator ticket was declined because the
discussion was getting out of scope. I hope this one last message
helps. Otherwise, we probably shouldn't continue talking about
individual setups here as well.

-Yusuke (User:Whym)

On Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 8:19 PM Bináris <> wrote:
> Folks, I really made a lot of effort, even asked somebody to help IRL, but I am tired.
> I want develop Pywikibot, instead I am struggling with the working environment. Although git is hundred times as complicated as SVN and gerrit is a nightmare, my main problem is with git installing i18n submodule.
> See
> It causes two main problems:
> I cannot run tests. I have another copy of Pywikibot from downloaded zip, I can run tests there, but the same command fails in git copy.
> I cannot push my commits. For some reason an i18n part is always included which makes Jenkins fail. Now I can remove it after pushing, but Jenkins fails again, see
> Error message: : FAILURE in 33s
> I am very frustrated and disappointed, but I cannot do anything until T329452 is solved somehow.
> --
> Bináris
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