Hi all,

a new stable release Pywikibot 7.1 has been deployed. What is new with this release?


- guwwiki and shnwikivoyage are supported
- FilePage has a new property file_is_used to determine whether a file is used on a the given site
- TextExtracts extension is supported. It can be used with Page.extract() or Site.extract method
- Page.get_parsed_page is a public method now
- Site.simple_request is a public method now
- deletetalk parameteris enabled for the delete API (page.delete() and Site.delete)
- contextlib.redirect_stdout() and contextlib.redirect_stderr() now works with terminal interface
- -cosmetic_changes (-cc) option allows to assign the value directly instead of toggle it, e.g. -cc:on
- tools.strtobool() was implemented due to :pep:`632` and is used by the implementation above

- nested templates are taken in to account with MultiTemplateMatchBuilder, used by template.py and cosmetic changes
- The "in" operator always return whether the siteinfo contains the key even it is not cached

- get_redirect parameter of Page.getOldVersion() has been deprecated; it was never functional
- win32_unicode is used with with Python 3.5 only and will be removend in Pywikibot 8