Hi Automatik,

On 31 July 2013 21:03, Automatik Wikipedia <automatik68@yahoo.fr> wrote:
I saw the existence of this script, and I would like have some informations about the parameters to use it. Does someone know it?

xmlreader.py is used as library for several other scripts. Take a look at replace.py; specifically XmlDumpReplacePageGenerator:

    Iterator that will yield Pages that might contain text to replace.

    These pages will be retrieved from a local XML dump file.
        * xmlFilename  - The dump's path, either absolute or relative
        * xmlStart     - Skip all articles in the dump before this one
        * replacements - A list of 2-tuples of original text (as a
                         compiled regular expression) and replacement
                         text (as a string).
        * exceptions   - A dictionary which defines when to ignore an
                         occurence. See docu of the ReplaceRobot
                         constructor below.

and see if you can work from there. Of course, feel free to ask any questions!