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2010/4/1 Chris Watkins <>:
> I want to generate a list of matches for a search, but not do anything to
> the page.
> E.g. I want to list all pages that contain "redirect[[:Category", but I
> don't want to modify the pages.

List pages? That's a job for

python -search[.....]

Thanks - this is strange, I initially looked at this, and then somehow got the impression that it did something quite different. And I couldn't find any documentation at all for - but I've now created a page on the wiki.

Now, this will be very useful, but one of my tasks won't work with this command. I want to list all pages with tables - i.e. look for "{|". The MediaWiki search won't do this, so I'll ask Merlijn about his text dump idea...

But honestly Chris, as I wrote before, you should try to learn Python.
It's not this hard :)
The time required to write a 3 lines long code snippet yielding all
pages matching a Mediawiki search (2 minutes) should be about 500
times shorter than the average latency of this mailing list:

I did look at python, and I think you greatly underestimate how much it would take me, with almost zero coding experience, to learn a useful amount of python.

I also have a lot of patience in waiting for answers. And I hope that we'll have more tech volunteers working on Appropedia, by later this year. Then I can do other things like community management and looking for funding, while they do things with Python & MediaWiki.

For now, my main contribution to the Pywikipediabot project is to help out with documentation where I can...

Anyway, I appreciate your help!

from pagegenerators import SearchPageGenerator
for page in SearchPageGenerator("my query"):
print page

I haven't been coding with pywikipedia for months, this code is
provided without any guarantee. But you get the simplicity of the
operation I guess :)

Best regards,

> I guess that it's possible to modify (I don't speak python, but
> it shouldn't be hard) and run it with -log. But maybe there's a simpler way?
> Thanks in advance.
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