Just a short reminder that if you want to make use of the financial support mentioned in the last e-mail then please get in touch with me today as registration closes this week.

Taking off my Wikimedia Sverige hat for a minute. Whatever you are intending to work on, if you are attending the hackathon it would be nice to meet up!


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Hi everyone,

Wikimedia Sverige has been running the FindingGLAMs project over the last year which has identified two areas (amongst others) where technical development is needed to unblock GLAM contributions. The first is support for Structured Data on Commons in the major upload tools (of which Pywikibot is a big one), the second is support for uploading Lexicographical data to Wikidata.

I’ve seen some Pywikibot activity and discussion on both of these issues but neither seems to have taken off. To try and get either, or both, of these kickstarted I think it would be useful to get some of the active Pywikibot developers together. I believe that even just a joint schematic understanding of how these new features should be implemented would be a good outcome as this would aid actual implementation (as well as subsequent code review). Since Wikimedia Sverige is also hosting Wikimania this year the attached Hackathon provides an excellent opportunity for this.

If you are attending and interested in joining up for this I’d love to hear from you. Wikimedia Sverige also has a travel budget which can be used for bringing a few selected people working on these areas to the Wikimania Hackathon (this is outside of the scholarship process). 

Since our budget is limited I’d kindly ask that if you would be interested in receiving some financial support for the travel, please contact me off list and answer the following questions (each answer should be no longer than 100 words): 

  1. What would you be interested working on?

  2. What relevant experience do you have?

  3. What is the expected travel cost you would need support with?

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