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[cleanup] Announce code2encoding(s) to be removed

Change-Id: I0c7020ac7041ef8cdff1b2af4b74bfc8e153aeab
M pywikibot/
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pywikibot/ b/pywikibot/
index bb806d0..af63297 100644
--- a/pywikibot/
+++ b/pywikibot/
@@ -1074,12 +1074,12 @@
return (self.encoding(code), )

# aliases
- @deprecated('Site().encoding()', since='20200218')
+ @deprecated('Site().encoding()', since='20200218', future_warning=True)
def code2encoding(self, code):
"""Return the encoding for a specific language wiki."""
return self.encoding(code)

- @deprecated('Site().encodings()', since='20200218')
+ @deprecated('Site().encodings()', since='20200218', future_warning=True)
def code2encodings(self, code):
"""Return list of historical encodings for a specific language wiki."""
return self.encodings(code)

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