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[bugfix] endprefix parameter not working in Category.articles()

The endprefix parameter should be used to set the value of
gcmendsortkeyprefix, rather than cmendsortkeyprefix.

Bug: T247201
Change-Id: Ieab2fa159d73e1e13656c9bc15470b4d5ba5ed55
M pywikibot/
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/pywikibot/ b/pywikibot/
index 575b1e4..24a1d77 100644
--- a/pywikibot/
+++ b/pywikibot/
@@ -4032,7 +4032,7 @@
if self.mw_version < '1.18':
raise NotImplementedError(
'categorymembers: "endprefix" requires MW 1.18+')
- cmargs['cmendsortkeyprefix'] = endprefix
+ cmargs['gcmendsortkeyprefix'] = endprefix
elif endprefix:
raise ValueError('categorymembers: '
"invalid combination of 'sortby' and 'endprefix'")

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