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Current release

+* Fix the bug in cache_time when loading a CachedRequest (T202227)
+* pagegenerators._handle_recentchanges: Do not request for reversed results (T199199)
+* Use a key for filter_unique where appropriate (T199615)
+* Add exceptions for first_upper (T200357)
+* Fix usages of site.namespaces.NAMESPACE_NAME (T201969)
+* pywikibot/ Fix header regex to allow comments
+* Use 'rvslots' when fetching revisions on MW 1.32+ (T200955)
* Drop the '2' from PYWIKIBOT2_DIR, PYWIKIBOT2_DIR_PWB, and PYWIKIBOT2_NO_USER_CONFIG environment variables. The old names are now deprecated. The other PYWIKIBOT2_* variables which were used only for testing purposes have been renamed without deprecation. (T184674)
+* Introduce a timestamp in deprecated decorator (T106121)
+* textlib.extract_sections: Remove footer from the last section (T199751)
+* Don't let WikidataBot crash on save related errors (T199642)
+* Allow different projects to have different L10N entries (T198889)
+* remove color highlights before fill function (T196874)
+* Fix Portuguese file namespace translation in cc (T57242)
+* textlib._create_default_regexes: Avoid using inline flags (T195538)
+* Not everything after a language link is footer (T199539)
+* code cleanups
+* New mediawiki projects were provided
* Bugfixes and improvements
* Localisation updates

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