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[IMPR] Unify RecentChangesPageGenerator parameters with APISite.recentchanges

Currently we have different parameters in
pagegenerators.RecentChangesPageGenerator and APISite.recentchanges.
This patch unifies them.

Change-Id: I171bbe6f4d579bfb26491489034d4ba9867ffc46
M pywikibot/
M pywikibot/site/
2 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 58 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pywikibot/ b/pywikibot/
index 5dd091d..0612035 100644
--- a/pywikibot/
+++ b/pywikibot/
@@ -31,7 +31,6 @@
from functools import partial
from itertools import zip_longest
from requests.exceptions import ReadTimeout
-from typing import List, Optional, Union
from warnings import warn

import pywikibot
@@ -1349,64 +1348,19 @@
total=total, returndict=True))

-@deprecated_args(nobots=True, pagelist=True, step=True)
-def RecentChangesPageGenerator(*,
- start=None,
- end=None,
- reverse: bool = False,
- namespaces=None,
- changetype: Optional[str] = None,
- showMinor: Optional[bool] = None,
- showBot: Optional[bool] = None,
- showAnon: Optional[bool] = None,
- showRedirects: Optional[bool] = None,
- showPatrolled: Optional[bool] = None,
- topOnly: bool = False,
- total: Optional[int] = None,
- user: Union[str, List[str], None] = None,
- excludeuser: Union[str, List[str], None] = None,
- site=None,
- tag: Optional[str] = None,
- _filter_unique=None):
+def RecentChangesPageGenerator(site=None, _filter_unique=None, **kwargs):
Generate pages that are in the recent changes list, including duplicates.

- @param start: Timestamp to start listing from
- @type start: pywikibot.Timestamp
- @param end: Timestamp to end listing at
- @type end: pywikibot.Timestamp
- @param reverse: if True, start with oldest changes (default: newest)
- @param changetype: only iterate changes of this type ("edit" for
- edits to existing pages, "new" for new pages, "log" for log
- entries)
- @param showMinor: if True, only list minor edits; if False, only list
- non-minor edits; if None, list all
- @param showBot: if True, only list bot edits; if False, only list
- non-bot edits; if None, list all
- @param showAnon: if True, only list anon edits; if False, only list
- non-anon edits; if None, list all
- @param showRedirects: if True, only list edits to redirect pages; if
- False, only list edits to non-redirect pages; if None, list all
- @param showPatrolled: if True, only list patrolled edits; if False,
- only list non-patrolled edits; if None, list all
- @param topOnly: if True, only list changes that are the latest revision
- (default False)
- @param user: if not None, only list edits by this user or users
- @param excludeuser: if not None, exclude edits by this user or users
+ For parameters refer
@param site: Site for generator results.
@type site: L{}
- @param tag: a recent changes tag
if site is None:
site = pywikibot.Site()

- gen = site.recentchanges(start=start, end=end, reverse=reverse,
- namespaces=namespaces, changetype=changetype,
- minor=showMinor, bot=showBot, anon=showAnon,
- redirect=showRedirects, patrolled=showPatrolled,
- top_only=topOnly, total=total, user=user,
- excludeuser=excludeuser, tag=tag)
+ gen = site.recentchanges(**kwargs)
gen.request['rcprop'] = 'title'
gen = (pywikibot.Page(site, rc['title'])
for rc in gen if rc['type'] != 'log' or 'title' in rc)
diff --git a/pywikibot/site/ b/pywikibot/site/
index e2c424d..d70869f 100644
--- a/pywikibot/site/
+++ b/pywikibot/site/
@@ -4049,14 +4049,14 @@

return legen

- @deprecated_args(returndict=True, nobots=True, rcshow=True,
- rctype='changetype', revision=True, repeat=True,
- rcstart='start', rcend='end', rcdir=True, step=True,
- includeredirects='redirect', namespace='namespaces',
- rcnamespace='namespaces', number='total', rclimit='total',
- showMinor='minor', showBot='bot', showAnon='anon',
- showRedirects='redirect', showPatrolled='patrolled',
- topOnly='top_only', pagelist=True)
+ @deprecated_args(nobots=True, includeredirects='redirect',
+ namespace='namespaces', number='total', pagelist=True,
+ rcdir=True, rcend='end', rclimit='total',
+ rcnamespace='namespaces', rcshow=True, rcstart='start',
+ rctype='changetype', repeat=True, returndict=True,
+ revision=True, showAnon='anon', showBot='bot',
+ showMinor='minor', showPatrolled='patrolled',
+ showRedirects='redirect', step=True, topOnly='top_only')
def recentchanges(self, *,

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