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Change-Id: I9ae55e2615d74103ea953feef66fecf47e516615
M blockpageschecker/frr.json
M category/be-tarask.json
M category/frr.json
M category/hak.json
M category/hu.json
M category/is.json
M category/ja.json
M category/ksh.json
M category/pcd.json
M category/pt-br.json
A welcome/smn.json
11 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/blockpageschecker/frr.json b/blockpageschecker/frr.json
index fe33c44..87a4837 100644
--- a/blockpageschecker/frr.json
+++ b/blockpageschecker/frr.json
@@ -4,5 +4,7 @@
+ "blockpageschecker-adding": "Bot: Du diar page lock template tu",
+ "blockpageschecker-modifying": "Bot: Feranre ualang föörlaagen",
"blockpageschecker-deleting": "Bot: Ualang föörlaagen stregen"
diff --git a/category/be-tarask.json b/category/be-tarask.json
index e6f789e..ca3faea 100644
--- a/category/be-tarask.json
+++ b/category/be-tarask.json
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
"category-adding": "Робат: дадаваньне category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(таксама ў %(alsocat)s)",
"category-listifying": "Робат: ствараецца сьпіс з %(fromcat)s (%(num)d элемэнтаў)",
- "category-removing": "Робат: выключэньне з [[%(oldcat)s]]",
+ "category-removing": "Робат: выключэньне з %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Робат: перанесена з %(oldcat)s. Аўтары: %(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "Робат: замена катэгорыі %(oldcat)s на %(newcat)s",
"category-section-title": "Гісторыя старонкі папярэдняе %(oldcat)s",
diff --git a/category/frr.json b/category/frr.json
index 0667327..3c11034 100644
--- a/category/frr.json
+++ b/category/frr.json
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Du kategoriie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] diartu",
"category-also-in": "(uk uun %(alsocat)s)",
+ "category-clean": "Bot: Strik kategorii %(category)s, diar al uun %(child)s banen as",
"category-listifying": "Bot: List faan %(fromcat)s (%(num)d iindracher)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Strik ütj %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Fersköwen faan %(oldcat)s. Autooren: %(authors)s.",
diff --git a/category/hak.json b/category/hak.json
index f99f13a..8042c5d 100644
--- a/category/hak.json
+++ b/category/hak.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "機械人:添加分類[[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(共樣也在%(alsocat)s)",
"category-listifying": "機械人:從%(fromcat)s提取列表(%(num)d條紀錄)",
- "category-removing": "機械人:從[[%(oldcat)s]]肚移除",
+ "category-removing": "機械人:從「%(oldcat)s」肚移除",
"category-renamed": "機械人:移動自%(oldcat)s。編者:%(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "機械人:分類由%(oldcat)s替換成%(newcat)s",
"category-section-title": "%(oldcat)s个頁面歷史",
diff --git a/category/hu.json b/category/hu.json
index 50e7cf2..9d6b893 100644
--- a/category/hu.json
+++ b/category/hu.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: [[:Category:%(newcat)s]] hozzáadása bottal",
"category-also-in": "(a következőkben is: %(alsocat)s)",
"category-listifying": "%(fromcat)s listázása bottal (%(num)d lap)",
- "category-removing": "Bot: eltávolítás [[%(oldcat)s]] kategóriából",
+ "category-removing": "Bot: eltávolítás %(oldcat)s kategóriából",
"category-renamed": "Bot: átmozgatva innen: %(oldcat)s. Szerzők: %(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: következő kategória cseréje: %(oldcat)s erre: %(newcat)s",
"category-section-title": "A megszűnt %(oldcat)s laptörténete",
diff --git a/category/is.json b/category/is.json
index 3364918..2f2738f 100644
--- a/category/is.json
+++ b/category/is.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Vélmenni: Bæti við [[:Category:%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(einnig í %(alsocat)s)",
"category-listifying": "Vélmenni: Bæti %(num)d {{PLURAL:%(num)d|færslu|færslum}} frá %(fromcat)s við listann.",
- "category-removing": "Vélmenni: Fjarlægi [[%(oldcat)s]]",
+ "category-removing": "Vélmenni: Fjarlægi %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Vélmenni: Færi frá %(oldcat)s. Höfundar: %(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "Vélmenni: Skipti flokknum %(oldcat)s út fyrir %(newcat)s",
"category-section-title": "Breytingarskrá fyrri %(oldcat)s",
diff --git a/category/ja.json b/category/ja.json
index ef2c123..074f2f3 100644
--- a/category/ja.json
+++ b/category/ja.json
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
"category-adding": "ボットによる: カテゴリ「[[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]」を追加",
"category-also-in": "(「%(alsocat)s」にもカテゴリ分けされています)",
"category-listifying": "ボットによる: 「%(fromcat)s」からリスト化 ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|%(num)d件}})",
- "category-removing": "ボットによる: 「[[%(oldcat)s]]」を除去",
+ "category-removing": "ボットによる: 「%(oldcat)s」を除去",
"category-renamed": "ボットによる: 「%(oldcat)s」から移動。作成者: %(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "ボットによる: カテゴリ「%(oldcat)s」を「%(newcat)s」へ変更",
"category-section-title": "以前の「%(oldcat)s」のページ履歴",
diff --git a/category/ksh.json b/category/ksh.json
index 468734c..0eb46ab 100644
--- a/category/ksh.json
+++ b/category/ksh.json
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
"category-listifying": "Bot: Leß vun dä %(fromcat)s (%(num)d Enndrääsch)",
"category-removing": "Bot: uß de %(oldcat)s ußjedraare",
"category-renamed": "Bot: hääjeholldt von %(oldcat)s. Schrihver: %(authors)s",
- "category-replacing": "Bot: [[%(oldcat)s]] jääje [[%(newcat)s]] ußjetuusch.",
+ "category-replacing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s jääje %(newcat)s ußjetuusch.",
"category-section-title": "De ällder Version von de fröjere %(oldcat)s",
"category-strip-cfd-templates": "Bot: Schmihß de älehdeschte Schablohn zom Fottschmihße uß dä Sigg.",
"category-version-history": "Bot: De ällder Version von de fröjere %(oldcat)s faßjehallde.",
diff --git a/category/pcd.json b/category/pcd.json
index e11cde1..e01fdfc 100644
--- a/category/pcd.json
+++ b/category/pcd.json
@@ -6,5 +6,5 @@
"category-adding": "Robot Rajoute: category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
- "category-replacing": "Robot: Értire [[%(oldcat)s]] → [[%(newcat)s]]"
+ "category-replacing": "Robot: Értire « %(oldcat)s » → « %(newcat)s »"
diff --git a/category/pt-br.json b/category/pt-br.json
index e3a3ff7..21d89d6 100644
--- a/category/pt-br.json
+++ b/category/pt-br.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Adicionando categoria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(também em %(alsocat)s)",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Listando a partir de %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|uma entrada|%(num)d entradas}})",
- "category-removing": "Bot: Removendo de [[%(oldcat)s]]",
+ "category-removing": "Bot: Removendo de %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Movido de %s. Autores: %s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Trocando categoria %(oldcat)s por %(newcat)s",
"category-section-title": "Histórico de edições da categoria anterior (%(oldcat)s)",
diff --git a/welcome/smn.json b/welcome/smn.json
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..ab79e6d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/welcome/smn.json
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+ "@metadata": {
+ "authors": [
+ "Seipinne"
+ ]
+ },
+ "welcome-welcome": "Tiervâpuáttim!"

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