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[IMPR] Provide an object representation for DequeGenerator

Provide an object representation for DequeGenerator
without clearing the content

Change-Id: I55e4da4281eb7628164e11f7751db1bbe6f2c74d
M pywikibot/tools/
1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/pywikibot/tools/ b/pywikibot/tools/
index 2274554..9eb2bba 100644
--- a/pywikibot/tools/
+++ b/pywikibot/tools/
@@ -960,10 +960,17 @@

def __next__(self):
"""Iterator method."""
- if len(self):
+ if self:
return self.popleft()
raise StopIteration

+ def __repr__(self):
+ """Provide an object representation without clearing the content."""
+ items = list(self)
+ result = '{}({})'.format(self.__class__.__name__, items)
+ self.extend(items)
+ return result

def open_archive(filename, mode='rb', use_extension=True):

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