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  [bugfix] Bot class arguments for constructor

Bot class arguments for constructor should be called as keyword argument

Bot class handles 'site' and ' always' as keyword arguments. In
instantiating the bot uses postional argument which breaks this rule and
derived bots may be break if not all (positional) arguments are given.

- instantiate ReplaceRobot with keyword arguments for 'always' and 'site'
handled by bot class to allow other bots to use this special bot.
- catch them with **kwargs
- remove unused and deprecated acceptall variable
- change parameter description for ReplaceRobot constructor, markup for epydoc
- move __init__ doc to class because doc strings of hidden methods aren't
shown in epydoc's documentation.
- this also solves the 2nd warning issue of

Bug: T125046
Bug: T125049
Change-Id: I23570783fda9f497a6f57aaa8f5e17895534af50

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