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[cleanup] Remove category-changing summary merged to category-replacing

In I6792c4c19d5c235111165ad45982fe4257dde43c these two summaries were
merged as duplicates and only category-replacing was preserved. I also
merged (moved and updated) messages on TWN. So the final step is
to cleanup i18n entries.

Change-Id: Ie310ffddd6e155adb215d4d06234668f5e765d12
M category/ab.json
M category/aeb.json
M category/af.json
M category/an.json
M category/anp.json
M category/ar.json
M category/arc.json
M category/ast.json
M category/awa.json
M category/az.json
M category/azb.json
M category/ba.json
M category/bar.json
M category/bcc.json
M category/be-tarask.json
M category/be.json
M category/bg.json
M category/bjn.json
M category/bn.json
M category/bo.json
M category/br.json
M category/bs.json
M category/ca.json
M category/ce.json
M category/ckb.json
M category/cs.json
M category/csb.json
M category/cy.json
M category/da.json
M category/de.json
M category/diq.json
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M category/fo.json
M category/fr.json
M category/frp.json
M category/frr.json
M category/fur.json
M category/gl.json
M category/gsw.json
M category/hak.json
M category/haw.json
M category/he.json
M category/hi.json
M category/hr.json
M category/hu.json
M category/hy.json
M category/ia.json
M category/id.json
M category/ie.json
M category/ilo.json
M category/io.json
M category/is.json
M category/it.json
M category/ja.json
M category/jv.json
M category/kab.json
M category/kk.json
M category/km.json
M category/kn.json
M category/ko.json
M category/ksh.json
M category/ku.json
M category/ky.json
M category/la.json
M category/lb.json
M category/li.json
M category/lt.json
M category/map-bms.json
M category/mg.json
M category/min.json
M category/mk.json
M category/ml.json
M category/mo.json
M category/ms.json
M category/mt.json
M category/my.json
M category/nah.json
M category/nan.json
M category/nap.json
M category/nb.json
M category/nds-nl.json
M category/nds.json
M category/ne.json
M category/new.json
M category/nl.json
M category/nn.json
M category/oc.json
M category/pam.json
M category/pcd.json
M category/pdc.json
M category/pfl.json
M category/pl.json
M category/pms.json
M category/pt.json
M category/qqq.json
M category/rm.json
M category/ro.json
M category/ru.json
M category/rue.json
M category/sco.json
M category/sh.json
M category/sk.json
M category/sl.json
M category/so.json
M category/sq.json
M category/sr.json
M category/su.json
M category/sv.json
M category/szl.json
M category/ta.json
M category/te.json
M category/tet.json
M category/th.json
M category/tl.json
M category/tly.json
M category/tr.json
M category/tt.json
M category/ug.json
M category/uk.json
M category/ur.json
M category/vec.json
M category/vi.json
M category/vo.json
M category/wa.json
M category/yi.json
M category/yo.json
M category/zh.json
134 files changed, 134 insertions(+), 134 deletions(-)

diff --git a/category/ab.json b/category/ab.json
index 0f84844..0bfceea 100644
--- a/category/ab.json
+++ b/category/ab.json
@@ -7,6 +7,6 @@
"category-adding": "Бот: акатегориа ацҵара [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(иара убас %(alsocat)s аҟны)",
- "category-changing": "Бот иаҧсахит: %(oldcat)s %(newcat)s ала",
"category-replacing": "Бот иаҧсахит: %(oldcat)s %(newcat)s ала"
diff --git a/category/aeb.json b/category/aeb.json
index 04f9559..bc850f6 100644
--- a/category/aeb.json
+++ b/category/aeb.json
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
- "category-changing": "Robot: baddel %(oldcat)s il %(newcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Robot: baddel %(oldcat)s il %(newcat)s",
"category-section-title": "el historique mte3 el page fi %(oldcat)s 9dim",
"category-version-history": "Robot: sajjel el historique mte3 el versions mte3 el %(oldcat)s el 9dom"
diff --git a/category/af.json b/category/af.json
index 2b0a477..5eb6de7 100644
--- a/category/af.json
+++ b/category/af.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: kategorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] bygevoeg",
"category-also-in": "(ook in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: verander %(oldcat)s na %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: lys van %(fromcat)s (%(num)d bladsye)",
"category-removing": "Robot: verwyder uit %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Robot: kategorie %(oldcat)s is vervang met %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/an.json b/category/an.json
index 49e25c4..9738014 100644
--- a/category/an.json
+++ b/category/an.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: adhibita a categoría «[[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]»",
"category-also-in": "(tamién en %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: treslado de «%(oldcat)s» a «%(newcat)s»",
"category-listifying": "Bot: lista d'a partir de %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 dentrada|%(num)d dentradas}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: eliminada de %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: tresladada dende %(oldcat)s. Autor(s): %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/anp.json b/category/anp.json
index 5b9e169..292c26f 100644
--- a/category/anp.json
+++ b/category/anp.json
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
- "category-changing": "रोबोट : %(oldcat)s बदलाय रहलॊ छै.",
"category-listifying": "बोट : %(fromcat)s (%(num)d entries) सॆं बनैलॊ गेलॊ सूची",
"category-replacing": "रोबोट : %(oldcat)s बदलाय रहलॊ छै.",
"category-was-moved": "रोबोट : श्रेणी [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(title)s]] दन्नॆ भेजलॊ गेलै."
diff --git a/category/ar.json b/category/ar.json
index 98f89bb..40976ec 100644
--- a/category/ar.json
+++ b/category/ar.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "بوت: إضافة تصنيف [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(أيضا في %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "بوت: تغيير %(oldcat)s إلى %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "بوت: عرض من %(fromcat)s (%(num)d مدخلة)",
"category-removing": "بوت: إزالة من %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "بوت: نقل من %(oldcat)s، المؤلفون: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/arc.json b/category/arc.json
index b4f42ca..c2fa38f 100644
--- a/category/arc.json
+++ b/category/arc.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "ܪܘܒܘܛ: ܬܘܣܦܬܐ ܕܣܕܪܐ [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ܐܦ ܒ %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "ܪܘܒܘܛ: ܫܘܚܠܦܐ %(oldcat)s ܠ %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "ܪܘܒܘܛ: ܚܘܝ ܡܢ %(fromcat)s (%(num)d ܡܥܠܬܐ)",
"category-removing": "ܒܘܛ: ܠܚܝܐ ܡܢ %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "ܪܘܒܘܛ: ܫܢܝ ܡܢ %(oldcat)s. ܣܝܘ̈ܡܐ: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ast.json b/category/ast.json
index 0ae524a..f99e8b3 100644
--- a/category/ast.json
+++ b/category/ast.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Amestando la categoría [[Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(tamién en %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Camudando %(oldcat)s a %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Llistando de %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entrada|%(num)d entraes}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Desaniciando de %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Movíu dende %(oldcat)s. Autores: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/awa.json b/category/awa.json
index c47d905..432e7aa 100644
--- a/category/awa.json
+++ b/category/awa.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "रोबॉट: [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] श्रेणी जोड़ीस",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s में भी)",
- "category-changing": "बॉट: %(oldcat)s कय जगही %(newcat)s जोड़त है",
"category-listifying": "रोबॉट: %(fromcat)s से listify ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 प्रविष्टि|%(num)d प्रविष्टियाँ}})",
"category-removing": "रोबॉट: %(oldcat)s से हटा रहा है",
"category-renamed": "रोबॉट: %(oldcat)s से स्थानांतरित। लेखक: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/az.json b/category/az.json
index 545b230..97109aa 100644
--- a/category/az.json
+++ b/category/az.json
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] kateqoriyası əlavə olunur",
"category-also-in": "(həmçinin %(alsocat)s kateqoriyasında)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s kateqoriyası %(newcat)s kateqoriyasına dəyişdirildi",
"category-listifying": "Bot: %(fromcat)s üçün ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|elementdən}}) ibarət siyahı hazırlanır",
"category-removing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s kateqoriyasından istisna edilir",
"category-renamed": "Bot: %(oldcat)s tərəfindən yeri dəyişdirilib. Müəlliflər: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/azb.json b/category/azb.json
index 979705b..e970482 100644
--- a/category/azb.json
+++ b/category/azb.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "بوت: [[بؤلمه:%(newcat)s]] آرتیریلیر",
"category-also-in": "(همچنین%(alsocat)s بؤلمه‌سینده)",
- "category-changing": "بوت: %(oldcat)s کؤهنه بؤلمه‌نی%(newcat)s یئنی بؤلمه‌ایله ديَیشدیریلدی",
"category-listifying": "بوت:%(fromcat)s بؤلمه لریندن سیرا‌لانیر (%(num)d المنت)",
"category-removing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s کؤهنه بؤلمه‌سیندن چیخاریلیر",
"category-renamed": "بوت: %(oldcat)s دن داشیندی. یارادانلار: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ba.json b/category/ba.json
index e80859c..e413f93 100644
--- a/category/ba.json
+++ b/category/ba.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Робот: [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] категорияһын өҫтәү",
"category-also-in": "(шулай уҡ %(alsocat)s категорияһында)",
- "category-changing": "Робот: %(oldcat)s категорияһын %(newcat)s тип үҙгәртеү",
"category-listifying": "Робот: %(fromcat)s категорияһынан исемлек төҙөлә ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|элементтан}})",
"category-removing": "Робот: %(oldcat)s категорияһынан сығарыу",
"category-renamed": "Робот:%(oldcat)s категорияһынан күсерелде. Авторҙар: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/bar.json b/category/bar.json
index 5032592..4abee38 100644
--- a/category/bar.json
+++ b/category/bar.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Ergänz Kategorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(aa in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Änderd %(oldcat)s zua %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Listen aus %(fromcat)s (%(num)d Eihträg)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Entfern aus %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Ersetz Kategorie %(oldcat)s durch %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/bcc.json b/category/bcc.json
index 63d64dc..b8f3c42 100644
--- a/category/bcc.json
+++ b/category/bcc.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "ربات: افزودن ردهٔ [[:رده:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(همچنین بی %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "ربات: ٹ\tگل داته بوت %(oldcat)s بی %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "ربات: فهرست‌کردن از %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|یک عضو|%(num)d عضو}})",
"category-removing": "ربات: حذف از %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "ربات: از %(oldcat)s منتقل شد. پدیدآورندگان: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/be-tarask.json b/category/be-tarask.json
index 3b5a7df..11a0576 100644
--- a/category/be-tarask.json
+++ b/category/be-tarask.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "Робат: дадаваньне category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(таксама ў %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Робат: зьмена %(oldcat)s на %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Робат: ствараецца сьпіс з %(fromcat)s (%(num)d элемэнтаў)",
"category-removing": "Робат: выключэньне з [[%(oldcat)s]]",
"category-renamed": "Робат: перанесена з %(oldcat)s. Аўтары: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/be.json b/category/be.json
index 88d4e9f..f685442 100644
--- a/category/be.json
+++ b/category/be.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "Робат: дадаў катэгорыю [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(таксама ў %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "робат змяніў %(oldcat)s на %(newcat)s",
"category-replacing": "робат змяніў %(oldcat)s на %(newcat)s",
"category-was-disbanded": "Робат: катэгорыя расфарміраваная",
"category-was-moved": "робат перанёс катэгорыю ў [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(title)s]]"
diff --git a/category/bg.json b/category/bg.json
index 7c1c07d..79a8cd2 100644
--- a/category/bg.json
+++ b/category/bg.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Бот: Добавяне на категория [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
- "category-changing": "Бот: Промяна от %(oldcat)s на %(newcat)s",
"category-removing": "Бот: Премахване от %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Бот: Замяна на категория %(oldcat)s с %(newcat)s"
diff --git a/category/bjn.json b/category/bjn.json
index 0b85d6b..3594188 100644
--- a/category/bjn.json
+++ b/category/bjn.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Manambah tumbung [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(jua dalam %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Maubah %(oldcat)s manjadi %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Maulah daptar matan %(fromcat)s (%(num)d entri)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Mahapus matan %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Mamindahakan matan %(oldcat)s. Pamakai: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/bn.json b/category/bn.json
index 67e1530..d11f69c 100644
--- a/category/bn.json
+++ b/category/bn.json
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"category-adding": "বট: বিষয়শ্রেণী [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] যোগ করছে",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s বিষয়শ্রেণীতেও আছে)",
- "category-changing": "বট: %(newcat)s-এ %(oldcat)s পরিবর্তন করছে",
"category-listifying": "বট: %(fromcat)s থেকে তালিকাভুক্ত করছে ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|১টি ভুক্তি|%(num)dটি ভুক্তি}})",
"category-removing": "বট: %(oldcat)s থেকে বিষয়শ্রেণী সরিয়েছে",
"category-renamed": "বট: %(oldcat)s থেকে স্থানান্তরিত। লেখকগণ: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/bo.json b/category/bo.json
index 45ca726..69ec3f6 100644
--- a/category/bo.json
+++ b/category/bo.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "འཕྲུལ་ཆས་ཀྱི་མི།: ཁ་སྣོན་རྒྱག་པ། [[Category:%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ད་དུང་ཡང་གཞན་ཡོད་པ་ནི་ %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "མི་གཟུགས་འཕྲུལ་ཆས་ : %(oldcat)s ནས་ %(newcat)s ལ་འགྱུར་བ་གཏོང་བཞིན་པ།",
"category-listifying": "མི་གཟུགས་འཕྲུལ་ཆས།: %(fromcat)s ནས་ (%(num)d བར་གི་ཐོ་འགོད་རེའུ་མིག།)",
"category-removing": "མི་གཟུགས་འཕྲུལ་ཆས་ :%(oldcat)s ནས་ ཕྱིར་འདོན་བཞིན་པ།",
"category-renamed": "མི་གཟུགས་འཕྲུལ་ཆས་ :%(oldcat)s ནས་སྤོ་བ། རྩོམ་པ་པོ། :%(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/br.json b/category/br.json
index c26aeed..e996049 100644
--- a/category/br.json
+++ b/category/br.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot : Oc'h ouzhpennañ ar rummad [[Category:%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ivez e %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot : O kemmañ %(oldcat)s e %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot : Roll eus %(fromcat)s (%(num)d pajenn)",
"category-removing": "Robot : Tennet diwar %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot : dilec'hiet adalek %(oldcat)s. Aozerien : %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/bs.json b/category/bs.json
index ede4919..1396c0d 100644
--- a/category/bs.json
+++ b/category/bs.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: dodaje kategoriju [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(također u %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: mijenja %(oldcat)s sa %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Ispisuje iz %(fromcat)s (%(num)d stavki).",
"category-removing": "Bot: uklanja iz %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Premješteno iz %(oldcat)s. Autori: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ca.json b/category/ca.json
index e236b7f..3327f27 100644
--- a/category/ca.json
+++ b/category/ca.json
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Afegint la categoria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(també a %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: canviant %(oldcat)s a %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: llistant de %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entrada|%(num)d entrades}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: Eliminant de %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Mogut des de %(oldcat)s. Autors : %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ce.json b/category/ce.json
index eee6c18..deacee6 100644
--- a/category/ce.json
+++ b/category/ce.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "робот: тIетоьхна Категори [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(кхин %(alsocat)s) чохь",
- "category-changing": "бото хийцина: %(oldcat)s → %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "бот: кхуллуш бу могӀам ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|элементах|элементашах}}) %(fromcat)s",
"category-removing": "бот: юкъара яккхар %(oldcat)s чура",
"category-renamed": "бот: %(oldcat)s чура дихьа яьккхина. автораш: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ckb.json b/category/ckb.json
index e603e24..f9cdfe8 100644
--- a/category/ckb.json
+++ b/category/ckb.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "ڕۆبۆت: زیادکردنی پۆل [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ھەروەھا لە %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "ڕۆبۆت: گۆڕینی %(oldcat)s بۆ %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "ڕۆبۆت: پێرستکردنی %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|١ بابەت|%(num)d بابەت}})",
"category-removing": "ڕۆبۆت: لابردن لە %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "ڕۆبۆت: گوازرایەوە لە %(oldcat)s. دانەران: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/cs.json b/category/cs.json
index 666f486..c948228 100644
--- a/category/cs.json
+++ b/category/cs.json
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: přidání kategorie [[:Kategorie:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(také v %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: nahrazení kategorie %(oldcat)s za %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: vytvoření seznamu z %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 položka|%(num)d položky|%(num)d položek}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: odstranění kategorie %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: přesunuto z %(oldcat)s, autoři: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/csb.json b/category/csb.json
index f8f9134..12b0844 100644
--- a/category/csb.json
+++ b/category/csb.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bòt: Dodôwô kategòrëjã [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(téż w %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bòt: Przenosy starnë z %(oldcat)s do %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bòt: Ùsôdzëł lëstã starnów w kategòrëji %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 starna|%(num)d starnë|%(num)d starnów}})",
"category-removing": "Bòt: Rëmnął z %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bòt: Przenosy z %(oldcat)s. Ùsôdzcë: %(authors)sz",
diff --git a/category/cy.json b/category/cy.json
index 05deb81..fd08a5f 100644
--- a/category/cy.json
+++ b/category/cy.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Yn ychwanegu [[:Category:%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(hefyd yn %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Yn newid %(oldcat)s yn %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Yn rhestru cynnwys %(fromcat)s (%(num)d o gofnodion)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Yn ei dynnu o %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Symudwyd o %(oldcat)s. Awduron: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/da.json b/category/da.json
index b01b0cc..a04011b 100644
--- a/category/da.json
+++ b/category/da.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Tilføjer kategorien [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(også i %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Ændrer %(oldcat)s til %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: Omdanner %(fromcat)s til liste ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 post|%(num)d poster}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: Fjerner fra %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Flyttet fra %(oldcat)s. Forfattere: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/de.json b/category/de.json
index cb19ab7..e0d50a4 100644
--- a/category/de.json
+++ b/category/de.json
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Ergänze Kategorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(auch in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Ändere %(oldcat)s zu %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Liste aus %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:num|1 Eintrag|%(num)d Einträge}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Entferne aus %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Verschoben von %(oldcat)s. Autoren: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/diq.json b/category/diq.json
index 482d58c..b203ade 100644
--- a/category/diq.json
+++ b/category/diq.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: [[Kategoriye:%(newcat)s]] dekerd de",
"category-also-in": "(kategori da %(alsocat)s esto)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: namey Kategoriya %(oldcat)s,ra berd %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Boti per da %(fromcat)s ra nata ( ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 deqerden|%(num)d deqerdeni}}) liste kerdi",
"category-removing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s ra dariyeno we",
"category-renamed": "Boti, Nuştoğ %(oldcat)s ra wedarna %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/el.json b/category/el.json
index 0bf737d..0f41ab2 100644
--- a/category/el.json
+++ b/category/el.json
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"category-adding": "Ρομπότ: Προσθήκη κατηγορίας [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(επίσης στην %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Ρομπότ: Αλλαγή %(oldcat)s σε %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Ρομπότ: Καταλογογράφηση από %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 καταχώριση|%(num)d καταχωρίσεις}})",
"category-removing": "Ρομπότ: Αφαίρεση από την %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Ρομπότ: Μετακινήθηκε από %(oldcat)s. Συντάκτες: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/en.json b/category/en.json
index dd25ee0..55cff72 100644
--- a/category/en.json
+++ b/category/en.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Adding category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(also in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Changing %(oldcat)s to %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Listifying from %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entry|%(num)d entries}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Removing from %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Moved from %(oldcat)s. Authors: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/eo.json b/category/eo.json
index 380fe50..e16969d 100644
--- a/category/eo.json
+++ b/category/eo.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "Roboto: Aldonado de kategorio [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ankaŭ en %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Roboto: Ŝanĝado de %(oldcat)s al %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Roboto: Listigado de %(fromcat)s (%(num)d ero{{PLURAL:%(num)d||j}})",
"category-removing": "Roboto: Forigado el %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Roboto: Movita el %(oldcat)s. Aŭtoroj: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/es.json b/category/es.json
index 965f4aa..d584f3c 100644
--- a/category/es.json
+++ b/category/es.json
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: adición de categoría «[[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]»",
"category-also-in": "(también en %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: traslado de «%(oldcat)s» a «%(newcat)s»",
"category-listifying": "Bot: lista a partir de %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entrada|%(num)d entradas}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: eliminada de %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: trasladada desde %(oldcat)s. Autores: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/et.json b/category/et.json
index a6c6e00..916e938 100644
--- a/category/et.json
+++ b/category/et.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: lisatud kategooria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
- "category-changing": "Robot: %(oldcat)s → %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: %(fromcat)s põhjal moodustatud loend ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 sissekanne|%(num)d sissekannet}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: eemaldatud %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Robot: %(oldcat)s → %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/eu.json b/category/eu.json
index ffa99ef..3a1ac4a 100644
--- a/category/eu.json
+++ b/category/eu.json
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robota: [[:Kategoria:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] kategoria eransten",
"category-also-in": "(baita ere %(alsocat)s-en)",
- "category-changing": "Robota: «%(oldcat)s» kategoria «%(newcat)s» kategoriara aldatzen",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Hemendik zerrendatzen %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|sarrera 1|%(num)d sarrerak}})",
"category-removing": "Robota: %(oldcat)s -tik ezabatzen",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Hemendik mugituta %(oldcat)s. Egileak: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/fa.json b/category/fa.json
index 78d7f76..46b2345 100644
--- a/category/fa.json
+++ b/category/fa.json
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
"category-adding": "ربات: افزودن ردهٔ [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(همچنین در %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "ربات: تغییر %(oldcat)s به %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "ربات: فهرست‌کردن از %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|یک عضو|%(num)d عضو}})",
"category-removing": "ربات: حذف از %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "ربات: از %(oldcat)s منتقل شد. پدیدآورندگان: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/fi.json b/category/fi.json
index 11e9676..1f7c9e6 100644
--- a/category/fi.json
+++ b/category/fi.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Botti lisäsi luokkaan [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(myös luokassa %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Botti muutti luokan %(oldcat)s luokaksi %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Botti listasi luokan %(fromcat)s (%(num)d jäsentä)",
"category-removing": "Botti poisti luokasta %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Botti siirsi luokan %(oldcat)s. Muokkaajat: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/fo.json b/category/fo.json
index 171157f..69ae833 100644
--- a/category/fo.json
+++ b/category/fo.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bottur: Leggur afturat bólkin [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(eisini í %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bottur: Broytir %(oldcat)s til %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bottur: Umskapar frá %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entry|%(num)d entries}})",
"category-removing": "Bottur: Tekur burtur frá %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bottur: Flutti frá %(oldcat)s. Høvundar: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/fr.json b/category/fr.json
index 1a97ccc..7dc3bb7 100644
--- a/category/fr.json
+++ b/category/fr.json
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot : Ajout de la catégorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(également dans %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot : modification de %(oldcat)s en %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot : Listage de %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 élément|%(num)d éléments}})",
"category-removing": "Robot : Retiré depuis %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot : déplacé depuis %(oldcat)s. Auteurs: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/frp.json b/category/frp.json
index 3e424dc..7b0796a 100644
--- a/category/frp.json
+++ b/category/frp.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot : apond la catègorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(tot-pariér dedens %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot : changement de %(oldcat)s a %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot : listâjo de %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 èlèment|%(num)d èlèments}})",
"category-removing": "Robot : enléve dês %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Robot : remplacement de la catègorie %(oldcat)s per %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/frr.json b/category/frr.json
index 8be8e91..461838e 100644
--- a/category/frr.json
+++ b/category/frr.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Du kategoriie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] diartu",
"category-also-in": "(uk uun %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Feranre %(oldcat)s tu %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: List faan %(fromcat)s (%(num)d iindracher)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Strik ütj %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Fersköwen faan %(oldcat)s. Autooren: %(authors)s.",
diff --git a/category/fur.json b/category/fur.json
index 1b2c8e0..b1b67fd 100644
--- a/category/fur.json
+++ b/category/fur.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: o zonti category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ancje in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: o cambii %(oldcat)s in %(newcat)s",
"category-removing": "Robot: o gjavi di %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Robot: o cambii %(oldcat)s in %(newcat)s"
diff --git a/category/gl.json b/category/gl.json
index 6c8b5dd..f0a9e1c 100644
--- a/category/gl.json
+++ b/category/gl.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Engado a categoría \"[[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]\"",
"category-also-in": "(tamén en %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Cambio %(oldcat)s por %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Listando a partir de %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entrada|%(num)d entradas}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Elimino desde \"%(oldcat)s\"",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Traslado desde \"%(oldcat)s\". Autores: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/gsw.json b/category/gsw.json
index 8af929b..cea2067 100644
--- a/category/gsw.json
+++ b/category/gsw.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bötli: Kategori [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] ergänzt",
"category-also-in": "(au in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bötli: Due %(oldcat)s zue %(newcat)s ändere",
"category-listifying": "Bötli: Lischt us %(fromcat)s (%(num)d Yytreg)",
"category-removing": "Bötli: us %(oldcat)s uusegnuu",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Verschobe vu %(oldcat)s. Autore: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/hak.json b/category/hak.json
index 29d4c68..1f7a22d 100644
--- a/category/hak.json
+++ b/category/hak.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "機械人:添加分類[[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(共樣也在%(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "機械人:更換%(oldcat)s至%(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "機械人:從%(fromcat)s提取列表(%(num)d條紀錄)",
"category-removing": "機械人:從[[%(oldcat)s]]肚移除",
"category-renamed": "機械人:移動自%(oldcat)s。編者:%(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/haw.json b/category/haw.json
index 41a4d1e..16cf813 100644
--- a/category/haw.json
+++ b/category/haw.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Lopako: Ke hoʻohui nei i ka mahele [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ma loko o %(alsocat)s nō hoʻi)",
- "category-changing": "Lopako: Ke hoʻololi nei i ka mahele %(oldcat)s i ka mahele hou %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Lopako: Ke papahana nei mai %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 manaʻo|%(num)d mau manaʻo}})",
"category-removing": "Lopako: Ke wehe nei mai %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Lopako: Ua hoʻoneʻe ʻia mai %(oldcat)s. Mea kākau: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/he.json b/category/he.json
index 7034226..980255e 100644
--- a/category/he.json
+++ b/category/he.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "בוט: מוסיף את הקטגוריה [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(גם בקטגוריות %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "בוט: משנה %(oldcat)s‏ ← %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "בוט: יוצר רשימה מהקטגוריה %(fromcat)s (%(num)d דפים)",
"category-removing": "בוט: מסיר את הדף מהקטגוריה %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "בוט: הועבר מהשם %(oldcat)s. כותבים: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/hi.json b/category/hi.json
index fb9e4ec..c30d370 100644
--- a/category/hi.json
+++ b/category/hi.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "बॉट: [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] श्रेणी जोड़ रहा है",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s में भी)",
- "category-changing": "बॉट: %(oldcat)s की जगह %(newcat)s जोड़ रहा है",
"category-listifying": "बॉट: %(fromcat)s से listify ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 प्रविष्टि|%(num)d प्रविष्टियाँ}})",
"category-removing": "बॉट: %(oldcat)s से हटा रहा है",
"category-renamed": "बॉट: %(oldcat)s से स्थानांतरित। लेखक: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/hr.json b/category/hr.json
index 6bf602b..13c47b6 100644
--- a/category/hr.json
+++ b/category/hr.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "robot: Dodaje category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(također u %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: mijenja %(oldcat)s u %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: ispisuje iz %(fromcat)s (%(num)d stavki)",
"category-removing": "Bot: uklanja iz %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Premješteno iz %(oldcat)s. Suradnici: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/hu.json b/category/hu.json
index 5322a08..0b4e5f0 100644
--- a/category/hu.json
+++ b/category/hu.json
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: [[:Category:%(newcat)s]] hozzáadása bottal",
"category-also-in": "(a következőkben is: %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s cseréje a következőre: %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "%(fromcat)s listázása bottal (%(num)d lap)",
"category-removing": "Bot: eltávolítás [[%(oldcat)s]] kategóriából",
"category-renamed": "Bot: átmozgatva innen: %(oldcat)s. Szerzők: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/hy.json b/category/hy.json
index fea3dcf..036e58a 100644
--- a/category/hy.json
+++ b/category/hy.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Ռոբոտ․ Ավելացվել է [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] կատեգորիան",
"category-also-in": "(այդ թվում %(alsocat)s –ում)",
- "category-changing": "Ռոբոտ․ %(oldcat)s փոփոխվել է %(newcat)sով",
"category-listifying": "Ռոբոտ․ Կազմում է ցանկը %(fromcat)s -ից (%(num)d տարր)",
"category-removing": "Ռոբոտ․ հեռացվել է %(oldcat)s -ից",
"category-renamed": "Ռոբոտ․ Տեղափոխվել է %(oldcat)s֊ից։ Հեղինակներ՝ %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ia.json b/category/ia.json
index e3271a3..d066d22 100644
--- a/category/ia.json
+++ b/category/ia.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Addition del categoria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(equalmente in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Cambia %(oldcat)s a %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: Face lista de articulos in %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entrata|%(num)d entratas}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: Removite de %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Transferite de %(oldcat)s. Autores: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/id.json b/category/id.json
index dff8411..8c38ffe 100644
--- a/category/id.json
+++ b/category/id.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Menambahkan kategori [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(juga dalam %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Mengubah %(oldcat)s menjadi %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Membuat daftar dari %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|satu entri|%(num)d entri}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Menghapus dari %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Memindahkan dari %(oldcat)s. Kontributor: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ie.json b/category/ie.json
index 1f3a008..08616b3 100644
--- a/category/ie.json
+++ b/category/ie.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Machine: Addint categorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(anc in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Machine: Alterant %(oldcat)s por %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Machine: Listant de %(fromcat)s (%(num)d intradas)",
"category-removing": "Machine: Removent de %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Machine: Substituent categorie %(oldcat)s che %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/ilo.json b/category/ilo.json
index ee90c0a..a97ae31 100644
--- a/category/ilo.json
+++ b/category/ilo.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Agnaynayon ti kategoria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(idiay pay %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Agsuksukat %(oldcat)s idiay %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: Agilislista manipud idiay %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entry|%(num)d entries}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: Agikikkat manipud idiay %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Robot: Suksukatan ti kategoria %(oldcat)s iti %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/io.json b/category/io.json
index 18dc038..82f1b8c 100644
--- a/category/io.json
+++ b/category/io.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "roboto adjuntas: category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ank en %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "roboto modifikas: %(oldcat)s a %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Kreado di listi de %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 exemplaro|%(num)d exemplari}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Eskarto de %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Movita de %(oldcat)s. Autori: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/is.json b/category/is.json
index 596f272..7d9cbbf 100644
--- a/category/is.json
+++ b/category/is.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Vélmenni: Bæti við [[:Category:%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(einnig í %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Vélmenni: Breyti frá %(oldcat)s yfir í %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Vélmenni: Bæti %(num)d {{PLURAL:%(num)d|færslu|færslum}} frá %(fromcat)s við listann.",
"category-removing": "Vélmenni: Fjarlægi [[%(oldcat)s]]",
"category-renamed": "Vélmenni: Færi frá %(oldcat)s. Höfundar: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/it.json b/category/it.json
index d795a96..a1b04e7 100644
--- a/category/it.json
+++ b/category/it.json
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Aggiunta la categoria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(anche in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Modifico %(oldcat)s in %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Lista del contento dalla %(fromcat)s (%(num)d pagine)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Rimozione da %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: spostata da %(oldcat)s. Autori: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ja.json b/category/ja.json
index 80e8e2b..f91122c 100644
--- a/category/ja.json
+++ b/category/ja.json
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
"category-adding": "ボットによる: カテゴリ「[[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]」を追加",
"category-also-in": "(「%(alsocat)s」にもカテゴリ分けされています)",
- "category-changing": "ボットによる: カテゴリ「%(oldcat)s」を「%(newcat)s」へ変更",
"category-listifying": "ボットによる: 「%(fromcat)s」からリスト化 ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|%(num)d件}})",
"category-removing": "ボットによる: 「[[%(oldcat)s]]」を除去",
"category-renamed": "ボットによる: 「%(oldcat)s」から移動。作成者: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/jv.json b/category/jv.json
index d7ada0a..f8ea694 100644
--- a/category/jv.json
+++ b/category/jv.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Nambah katégori [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(uga nèng %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Ngganti %(oldcat)s dadi %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Ndaptari saka %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 isi|%(num)d isi}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Nyingkiraké saka %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Ngganti katégori %(oldcat)s karo %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/kab.json b/category/kab.json
index c22277f..005d9cd 100644
--- a/category/kab.json
+++ b/category/kab.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "a rubut ti merniwt: category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ula deg %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Aṛubut: Beddel %(oldcat)s γer %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Aṛubut: Acraw sγuṛ %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entry|%(num)d entries}})",
"category-removing": "Arubut: Tukksa seg %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Aṛubut: yettwakkes si %(oldcat)s. Imeskaren: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/kk.json b/category/kk.json
index f96bc6c..ba63714 100644
--- a/category/kk.json
+++ b/category/kk.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Бот: [[Санат:%(newcat)s]] үстеді",
"category-also-in": "(тағы да %(alsocat)s дегенде)",
- "category-changing": "Бот: %(oldcat)s дегенді %(newcat)s дегенге өзгертті",
"category-listifying": "Бот: %(fromcat)s дегеннен (%(num)d буын) тізімдеді",
"category-removing": "Бот: %(oldcat)s дегеннен аластатты",
"category-renamed": "Бот: %(oldcat)s дегеннен жылжытты. Авторлары: %(authors)s.",
diff --git a/category/km.json b/category/km.json
index 850f7b6..b403225 100644
--- a/category/km.json
+++ b/category/km.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "!រ៉ូបូ: បន្ថែម category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ក៏មាននៅក្នុង %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: កំពុងផ្លាស់ប្ដូរ %(oldcat)s",
"category-removing": "Bot: កំពុងដកចេញពី %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Robot: កំពុងផ្លាស់ប្ដូរ %(oldcat)s",
"category-was-moved": "រូបូ៖ ចំណាត់ថ្នាក់ក្រុមត្រូវបានលុបចេញពី [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(title)s]]"
diff --git a/category/kn.json b/category/kn.json
index ac9f034..41d3dfe 100644
--- a/category/kn.json
+++ b/category/kn.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "ರೋಬೋಟ್: [[:ವರ್ಗ:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] ವರ್ಗಗಳನ್ನು ಸೇರಿಸುವುದು",
"category-also-in": "(ಇದರಲ್ಲಿಯು %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "ರೋಬೋಟ್:%(oldcat)s ಯನ್ನು %(newcat)s ಗೆ ಬದಲಾಯಿಸುವುದು",
"category-removing": "ರೋಬೋಟ್: %(oldcat)s ಇಂದ ತೆಗೆದುಹಾಕಲಾಗುತ್ತಿದೆ",
"category-renamed": "ರೋಬೋಟ್: %(oldcat)s. Authors: %(authors)s ಇಂದ ಸರಿಸಲಾಗಿದೆ",
"category-replacing": "ರೋಬೋಟ್: %(oldcat)s ಯನ್ನು %(newcat)s ಗೆ ಬದಲಾಯಿಸುವುದು",
diff --git a/category/ko.json b/category/ko.json
index 4884921..d32af89 100644
--- a/category/ko.json
+++ b/category/ko.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "봇: [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] 분류 추가",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s에도 들어 있습니다)",
- "category-changing": "봇: %(oldcat)s에서 %(newcat)s(으)로 바꿈",
"category-listifying": "봇: %(fromcat)s에서 목록화 ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|항목 1개|항목 %(num)d개}})",
"category-removing": "봇: %(oldcat)s 제거",
"category-renamed": "봇: %(oldcat)s에서 이동됨. 저자: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ksh.json b/category/ksh.json
index 7a3950a..a647472 100644
--- a/category/ksh.json
+++ b/category/ksh.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Saachjropp [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] erinjedonn",
"category-also-in": "(och en dä %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s ußjewääßelt jääje %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Leß vun dä %(fromcat)s (%(num)d Enndrääsch)",
"category-removing": "Bot: uß de %(oldcat)s ußjedraare",
"category-renamed": "Bot: hääjeholldt von %(oldcat)s. Schrihver: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ku.json b/category/ku.json
index efe393c..89217ef 100644
--- a/category/ku.json
+++ b/category/ku.json
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot:Zêdebike category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(herwiha di %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s wek %(newcat)s biguherîne",
"category-removing": "Bot: Ji kategoriya %(oldcat)s tê rakirin",
"category-replacing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s wek %(newcat)s biguherîne",
"category-was-disbanded": "Bot: Bikaranîna kategorîye hat dawîkirin"
diff --git a/category/ky.json b/category/ky.json
index 22252ea..6322755 100644
--- a/category/ky.json
+++ b/category/ky.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "робот: кошту category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s'да дагы)",
- "category-changing": "Бот:%(oldcat)s %(newcat)s өзгөрттү",
"category-renamed": "Бот: %(oldcat)s дан өзгөртүлдү. Авторлор: %(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "Бот: %(oldcat)s категориясын %(newcat)s'га алмаштыруу",
"category-was-disbanded": "Бот: категория жоюлду"
diff --git a/category/la.json b/category/la.json
index f9f9183..5447b6b 100644
--- a/category/la.json
+++ b/category/la.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "automaton: addens categoriam [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(etiam in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "automaton: mutans %(oldcat)s→%(newcat)s",
"category-removing": "automaton abdit %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "automaton: mota ex %(oldcat)s. Auctores: %(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "automaton: mutans categoriam %(oldcat)s→[[:Categoria:%(newcat)s]]",
diff --git a/category/lb.json b/category/lb.json
index f574823..1f4d883 100644
--- a/category/lb.json
+++ b/category/lb.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Kategorie derbäisetzen [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(och a(n) %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Ännere vu(n) %(oldcat)s op %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Lëscht vun der %(fromcat)s (%(num)d Memberen)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Ewech huele vun %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Geréckelt vum %(oldcat)s. Auteuren: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/li.json b/category/li.json
index f4b06ef..4918b34 100644
--- a/category/li.json
+++ b/category/li.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: debie category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ouch in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: verangering van %(oldcat)s nao %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: lies van %(fromcat)s (%(num)d pagina's)",
"category-removing": "Robot: eweggesjaf oet %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: verplaatsde van %(oldcat)s. Sjrievers: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/lt.json b/category/lt.json
index 0172f32..440e347 100644
--- a/category/lt.json
+++ b/category/lt.json
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robotas: Pridedama kategorija [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(taip pat ir %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robotas: Keičiama %(oldcat)s į %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robotas: Numeruoja nuo %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 įrašas|%(num)d įrašų}})",
"category-removing": "robotas: šalinama iš %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "robotas: Perkelta iš %(oldcat)s. Autoriai: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/map-bms.json b/category/map-bms.json
index 32e9fff..6194aeb 100644
--- a/category/map-bms.json
+++ b/category/map-bms.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Nambah [[:Category:%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(uga nang %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bor: Ngowahi %(oldcat)s dadi %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot:Gawe daftar sekang %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entry|%(num)d entries}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Mbusek sekang %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Mindahna sekang %(oldcat)s. Kontributor: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/mg.json b/category/mg.json
index 69ae8b4..0e42d5a 100644
--- a/category/mg.json
+++ b/category/mg.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Rôbô: Nanampy [[:Category:%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ao amin'i %(alsocat)s koa)",
- "category-changing": "Rôbô : fanovana avy amin'i %(oldcat)s ho an'i %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Rôbô : fanaovana lisitra avy amin'i %(fromcat)s (zavatra %(num)d)",
"category-removing": "Rôbô : Nesorina tamin'i %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Rôbô : nanova toerana avy amin'i %(oldcat)s. Mpanoratra: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/min.json b/category/min.json
index 671adf5..65c96cd 100644
--- a/category/min.json
+++ b/category/min.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Manambahan kategori [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(juo dalam %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Mangganti %(oldcat)s ka %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Mambuek dafta dari %(fromcat)s (%(num)d entri)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Mahapuih dari %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Mamindahan dari %(oldcat)s. Kontributor: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/mk.json b/category/mk.json
index d7b98af..30a18e1 100644
--- a/category/mk.json
+++ b/category/mk.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Робот: Додава [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(и во %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Робот: Ја менувам %(oldcat)s во %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Робот: Попишувам од %(fromcat)s (%(num)d ставки)",
"category-removing": "Робот: Отстранувам од %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Робот: Преместено од %(oldcat)s. Автори: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ml.json b/category/ml.json
index f060dd2..453b759 100644
--- a/category/ml.json
+++ b/category/ml.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "യന്ത്രം: ചേർക്കുന്നു category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s എന്നതിലും ഉണ്ട്)",
- "category-changing": "യന്ത്രം: %(oldcat)s എന്നത് %(newcat)s എന്നതായി മാറ്റുന്നു",
"category-listifying": "യന്ത്രം: %(fromcat)s എന്നതിൽ നിന്നും പട്ടികയുണ്ടാക്കുന്നു ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|ഒരു ഇനം|%(num)d ഇനങ്ങൾ}})",
"category-removing": "യന്ത്രം: %(oldcat)s എന്നതിൽ നിന്ന് നീക്കം ചെയ്യുന്നു",
"category-renamed": "യന്ത്രം: %(oldcat)s എന്നതിൽ നിന്ന് മാറ്റി. രചയിതാക്കൾ: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/mo.json b/category/mo.json
index 0cd23a3..fb949ff 100644
--- a/category/mo.json
+++ b/category/mo.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Робот: Адэугат category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(де асеменя ын %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Робот: Скимбат %(oldcat)s",
"category-removing": "Робот: Ынлэтурат дин %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Робот: Ынлокуит категория %(oldcat)s ку %(newcat)s",
"category-was-disbanded": "Робот: Категория а фост десфиинцатэ",
diff --git a/category/ms.json b/category/ms.json
index a91a3c3..e13da74 100644
--- a/category/ms.json
+++ b/category/ms.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Menambah kategori [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(juga dalam %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Menukar %(oldcat)s kepada %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Menyenaraikan daripada %(fromcat)s (%(num)d entri)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Mengeluarkan daripada %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Berpindah dari %(oldcat)s. Pengarang: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/mt.json b/category/mt.json
index 51f478c..e802776 100644
--- a/category/mt.json
+++ b/category/mt.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Miżjuda l-kategorija [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(anki f'%(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Bidla f'%(oldcat)s għal %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Lista tal-kontenut minn %(fromcat)s (%(num)d paġna)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Tneħħija minn %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Sostituzzjoni tal-kategorija %(oldcat)s ma' %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/my.json b/category/my.json
index 9e843b6..952d7ff 100644
--- a/category/my.json
+++ b/category/my.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "ရိုဘော့ - category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]ကို ပေါင်းထည့်နေသည်",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s တွင်လည်း)",
- "category-changing": "ဘော့ - %(oldcat)s ကို %(newcat)s သို့ ပြောင်းနေသည်",
"category-listifying": "ဘော့ - %(fromcat)s (စာရင်းသွင်းမှု %(num)d ခု) မှ စာရင်းများကို ပြုစုနေသည်",
"category-removing": "ဘော့ - %(oldcat)s မှ ဖယ်ရှားနေသည်",
"category-replacing": "ရိုဘော့ - %(oldcat)s ကို %(newcat)s ဖြင့် အစားထိုးနေသည်",
diff --git a/category/nah.json b/category/nah.json
index 49696a4..cafeffe 100644
--- a/category/nah.json
+++ b/category/nah.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-also-in": "(noiuhqui ipan %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Tepozcuāyōllōtl: ōmopatlac %(oldcat)s īhuicpa %(newcat)s",
"category-removing": "bot: Tlatlaixpohpolhulli ipan %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Tepozcuāyōllōtl: ōmopatlac %(oldcat)s īhuicpa %(newcat)s",
"category-was-disbanded": "Bot: Ye oquipohpoloh in neneuhcayotl",
diff --git a/category/nan.json b/category/nan.json
index 5e69037..35c5665 100644
--- a/category/nan.json
+++ b/category/nan.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Ka-thiam lūi-pia̍t [[:Lūi-pia̍t:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(oa-ná tī %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Kái-ōaⁿ %(oldcat)s kòe %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Tùi %(fromcat)s chè-chō lia̍t-toaⁿ (hâm %(num)d hāng)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Tùi %(oldcat)s sàu-tû",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Tùi %(oldcat)s sóa-ūi hó-sè. Chok-chiá: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/nap.json b/category/nap.json
index 97bfe10..16ec06c 100644
--- a/category/nap.json
+++ b/category/nap.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Azzeccata 'a categurìa [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(pure 'n %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Cagnanno 'e %(oldcat)s dint'a %(newcat)s",
"category-removing": "Bot: Luvann'a %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Spustata 'a %(oldcat)s. Auture: %(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Rimpiazzanno categurìe %(oldcat)s cu %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/nb.json b/category/nb.json
index 7e53c8d..6a2a72f 100644
--- a/category/nb.json
+++ b/category/nb.json
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Legger til kategorien [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(også i %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Endrer %(oldcat)s til %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: Omdanner liste fra %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|ett element|%(num)d elementer}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: Fjerner ifra %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Flyttet fra %(oldcat)s. Forfattere: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/nds-nl.json b/category/nds-nl.json
index 71fa9f8..6018cd1 100644
--- a/category/nds-nl.json
+++ b/category/nds-nl.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: kategorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] derbie edaon",
"category-also-in": "(oek in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: wieziging van %(oldcat)s naor %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: lieste van %(fromcat)s (%(num)d ziejen)",
"category-removing": "Bot: vortehaold uut %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: herneumd van %(oldcat)s. Auteurs: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/nds.json b/category/nds.json
index f1a25cd..dec5c7b 100644
--- a/category/nds.json
+++ b/category/nds.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Kat-Bot: Kategorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] rin",
"category-also-in": "(ok in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Kat-Bot: %(oldcat)s utwesselt",
"category-listifying": "Bot: List von %(fromcat)s (%(num)d Sieden)",
"category-removing": "Kat-Bot: rut ut %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Kat-Bot: herschaven von %(oldcat)s. Schriever: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ne.json b/category/ne.json
index 8ce5ac2..02235d0 100644
--- a/category/ne.json
+++ b/category/ne.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "रोबोट: श्रेणी [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] थप्दै",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s मा पनि)",
- "category-changing": "रोबोट:%(oldcat)sलाई %(newcat)sमा परिवर्तन गर्दै",
"category-listifying": "बोट: %(fromcat)sबाट (%(num)d entries)मा सूचीकृत गर्दै",
"category-removing": "रोबोट: %(oldcat)sबाट हटाउँदै",
"category-renamed": "रोबोट: %(oldcat)sबाट सारियो। लेखकहरू: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/new.json b/category/new.json
index 376d4cb..c42509f 100644
--- a/category/new.json
+++ b/category/new.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "रोबोट: पुचः [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] तनाच्वंगु",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)sय् नं)",
- "category-changing": "रोबोट: %(oldcat)sतयेत %(newcat)sस हिलाच्वंगु",
"category-removing": "रोबोट: %(oldcat)sनं त्वतकाच्वंगु",
"category-renamed": "रोबट: %(oldcat)sनं संकल। च्वमि: %(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "रोबोट: पुचः %(oldcat)sयात %(newcat)sय् हिलाछ्वःगु दु",
diff --git a/category/nl.json b/category/nl.json
index ca12767..082a52a 100644
--- a/category/nl.json
+++ b/category/nl.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: categorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] toegevoegd",
"category-also-in": "(ook in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: wijziging van %(oldcat)s naar %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: lijst van %(fromcat)s (%(num)d pagina's)",
"category-removing": "Robot: verwijderd uit %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: hernoemd van %(oldcat)s. Auteurs: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/nn.json b/category/nn.json
index c5d14a7..1e2dacd 100644
--- a/category/nn.json
+++ b/category/nn.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "robot: la til kategorien [[Kategori:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(òg i %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "robot: endra %(oldcat)s til %(newcat)s",
"category-removing": "robot: fjerna ifrå %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "robot: byter ut kategorien %(oldcat)s med %(newcat)s",
"category-was-disbanded": "robot: kategorien vart løyst opp",
diff --git a/category/oc.json b/category/oc.json
index b534b47..6ca458f 100644
--- a/category/oc.json
+++ b/category/oc.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robòt: Apondre category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(tanben dins %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robòt : modificacion de %(oldcat)s en %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robòt : Listatge de %(fromcat)s (%(num)d elements)",
"category-removing": "Robòt : Levat dempuèi %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robòt : desplaçat dempuèi %(oldcat)s. Autors: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/pam.json b/category/pam.json
index 96ea52f..20aaf8b 100644
--- a/category/pam.json
+++ b/category/pam.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "↓Robot: Daragdag ne ing kategoriang [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "↓(atiu mu rin king %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "↓Robot: Alilan ya ing %(oldcat)s para maging %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "↓Robot: Mitala ibat %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entry|%(num)d entries}})",
"category-removing": "↓Robot: Lalako ne keng %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "↓Robot: Ing kategoriang %(oldcat)s alilan neng %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/pcd.json b/category/pcd.json
index aeb8b33..20fafdd 100644
--- a/category/pcd.json
+++ b/category/pcd.json
@@ -6,6 +6,6 @@
"category-adding": "Robot Rajoute: category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Értire [[%(oldcat)s]] → [[%(newcat)s]]",
"category-replacing": "Robot: Értire [[%(oldcat)s]] → [[%(newcat)s]]"
diff --git a/category/pdc.json b/category/pdc.json
index 3a0741b..cc12566 100644
--- a/category/pdc.json
+++ b/category/pdc.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Waddefresser: Abdeeling [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] dezu geduh",
"category-also-in": "(aach in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Waddefresser: Abdeeling vun %(oldcat)s nooch %(newcat)s geennert",
"category-listifying": "Waddefresser: Lischt vun %(fromcat)s (%(num)d Eitraeg)",
"category-removing": "Waddefresser: Aus %(oldcat)s raus gnumme",
"category-replacing": "Waddefresser: Abdeeling von %(oldcat)s nooch %(newcat)s geennert",
diff --git a/category/pfl.json b/category/pfl.json
index d6892da..6c4e1fd 100644
--- a/category/pfl.json
+++ b/category/pfl.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Kadegorie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s] aigfiecht",
"category-also-in": "(aa in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s gä'ännat nooch %(newcat)s",
"category-removing": "Bot: Aus %(oldcat)s rausgenumme",
"category-replacing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s gä'ännat nooch %(newcat)s"
diff --git a/category/pl.json b/category/pl.json
index e494e82..394b496 100644
--- a/category/pl.json
+++ b/category/pl.json
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot dodał kategorię [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(również w %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot przeniósł strony z %(oldcat)s do %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot utworzył listę stron w kategorii %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 strona|%(num)d strony|%(num)d stron}})",
"category-removing": "Robot usunął z kategorii %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot przenosi z %(oldcat)s. Autorzy: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/pms.json b/category/pms.json
index 68c2e40..f8641bd 100644
--- a/category/pms.json
+++ b/category/pms.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Trigomiro: Gionta dla categorìa [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ëdcò an %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Trigomiro: Cangé%(oldcat)s a %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Trigomiro: listé da %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 vos|%(num)d vos}})",
"category-removing": "Trigomiro: Gavé da %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Trigomiro: Tramudà da %(oldcat)s. Autor: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/pt.json b/category/pt.json
index 2e59704..5c75c94 100644
--- a/category/pt.json
+++ b/category/pt.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robô: A adicionar a categoria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(também em %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robô: A modificar %(oldcat)s para %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robô: A listar a partir de %(fromcat)s (%(num)d entradas)",
"category-removing": "Robô: A remover de [[%(oldcat)s]]",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Movido de %(oldcat)s. Autores: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/qqq.json b/category/qqq.json
index 482ff66..fdffcf7 100644
--- a/category/qqq.json
+++ b/category/qqq.json
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
"category-adding": "{{doc-important|Do not change \":Category:%(newcat)s\" so this message will work in any language.}}",
"category-also-in": "Translations to say that the current category is in more categories than the one we are coming from",
- "category-changing": "Edit summary when the bot moves pages from one category to another. <code>%(oldcat)s</code> is the source category, <code>%(newcat)s</code> the target.",
"category-listifying": "Definition of [[mw:Manual:Pywikibot/|listify]] - make a list of all of the articles that are in a category.\n\n*Variable \"%(fromcat)s\" = the category to make a list of in the listify option.\n*Variable \"%(num)d\" is probably a number.\n*You may use PLURAL tag like (<code><nowiki>{{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entry|%(num)d entries}}</nowiki></code>)\nDo not translate the variables.",
"category-removing": "Edit summary. Parameters:\n* %(oldcat)s - old category name",
"category-renamed": "Edit summary when a category was renamed.",
diff --git a/category/rm.json b/category/rm.json
index e3c0f7d..cfc0095 100644
--- a/category/rm.json
+++ b/category/rm.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Agiunt la categoria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(era en %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Midar %(oldcat)s tar %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Glista dal cuntegn da %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 pagina|%(num)d paginas}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Allontanar da %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Remplazzar %(oldcat)s cun %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/ro.json b/category/ro.json
index df7bf0f..12392f9 100644
--- a/category/ro.json
+++ b/category/ro.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Adăugat categoria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(de asemenea în %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Înlocuit %(oldcat)s cu %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: Listare de la %(fromcat)s (%(num)d intrări)",
"category-removing": "Robot: Înlăturat din %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Mutat din %(oldcat)s. Autori: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ru.json b/category/ru.json
index 41ef89a..9ce81d1 100644
--- a/category/ru.json
+++ b/category/ru.json
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
"category-adding": "Бот: добавление категории [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(также в %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Бот изменил: %(oldcat)s на %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Бот: составляется список из ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|элемента|элементов}}) %(fromcat)s",
"category-removing": "Бот: исключение из %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Бот: перенёс из %(oldcat)s. авторы: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/rue.json b/category/rue.json
index b13d7b6..71a5354 100644
--- a/category/rue.json
+++ b/category/rue.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Робот: додаваня category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(тыж у %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Робот: зміна %(oldcat)s → %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Робот: складаня списку %(fromcat)s з (%(num)d записів)",
"category-removing": "Робот: одстранїня з %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Робот: заміна катеґорії %(oldcat)s на %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/sco.json b/category/sco.json
index 963e4f9..a9bc544 100644
--- a/category/sco.json
+++ b/category/sco.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Eikin categerie [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(in %(alsocat)s aes weel)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Chyngin %(oldcat)s tae %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: Leetifyin fae %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entrie|%(num)d entries}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Remuivin fae %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Muived fae %(oldcat)s. Authors: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/sh.json b/category/sh.json
index ec82456..735f929 100644
--- a/category/sh.json
+++ b/category/sh.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: dodato [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(i u %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: promijenjeno %(oldcat)s u %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: ispisuje iz %(fromcat)s (%(num)d stavki)",
"category-removing": "Bot: uklonjeno iz %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: premještena iz %(oldcat)s. Autori: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/sk.json b/category/sk.json
index 9b00221..d470b5c 100644
--- a/category/sk.json
+++ b/category/sk.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Pridanie kategórie [[: Kategória: %(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(aj v %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Zmena %(oldcat)s na %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: vytvorenie zoznamu obsahu kategórie %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 položka|%(num)d položky|%(num)d položiek}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: Odstránenie z %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Presunuté z %(oldcat)s. Autori: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/sl.json b/category/sl.json
index 8ca10de..5fecbd3 100644
--- a/category/sl.json
+++ b/category/sl.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Dodajanje kategorije [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(tudi v %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Spreminjanje %(oldcat)s v %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Poseznamljanje iz %(fromcat)s (%(num)d vnosov)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Odstranjevanje iz %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Prestavljanje z %(oldcat)s. Avtorji: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/so.json b/category/so.json
index e9088c6..518cf27 100644
--- a/category/so.json
+++ b/category/so.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Ku daris qayb [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(Sidoo kale %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: U %(oldcat)s Badala %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Soo muujin %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 galid|%(num)d entries}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Ka saaray %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Loo soo wareejiyey %(oldcat)s. qoraayaasha: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/sq.json b/category/sq.json
index c135316..7c35c1b 100644
--- a/category/sq.json
+++ b/category/sq.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Shtimi kategori [[: Category: %(newcat)s|% (newcat) s]]",
"category-also-in": "(Edhe në %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Roboti: Duke ndryshuar %(oldcat)s në %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Listifying nga %(fromcat)s, %(num)d",
"category-removing": "Bot: Heqja nga %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Roboti: Zhvendosur nga %(oldcat)s. Autorët: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/sr.json b/category/sr.json
index 050fb0b..cc6d289 100644
--- a/category/sr.json
+++ b/category/sr.json
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
"category-adding": "Бот: додајем категорију [[:Категорија:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(и у %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Бот: мењам %(oldcat)s у %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Бот: исписујем из %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 ставка|%(num)d ставке|%(num)d ставки}})",
"category-removing": "Бот: уклањам из %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Бот: премештено из %(oldcat)s. Аутори: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/su.json b/category/su.json
index 654432d..4214228 100644
--- a/category/su.json
+++ b/category/su.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "bot: Nambih category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ogé dina %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Ngarobah %(oldcat)s jadi %(newcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Ngarobah %(oldcat)s jadi %(newcat)s",
"category-version-history": "Bot: Nyimpen vérsi jujutan bekas %(oldcat)s",
"category-was-disbanded": "Bot: Kategori dipiceun",
diff --git a/category/sv.json b/category/sv.json
index 6355736..5df34df 100644
--- a/category/sv.json
+++ b/category/sv.json
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Lägger till kategori [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(också i %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Ändrar %(oldcat)s till %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Skapar en lista från %(fromcat)s (%(num)d st)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Tar bort från %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Flyttad från %(oldcat)s. Författare: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/szl.json b/category/szl.json
index 27e76af..548349c 100644
--- a/category/szl.json
+++ b/category/szl.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot dodowo: category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(tyż we %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Pomjyńo %(oldcat)s do %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot tworzi lista kategoryji %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 zajta|%(num)d zajt}})",
"category-removing": "Robot wyciepuje ze %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Pomjyńo kategoryja %(oldcat)s ze %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/ta.json b/category/ta.json
index fbb51e3..3f77ad5 100644
--- a/category/ta.json
+++ b/category/ta.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "தானியங்கிஇணைப்பு category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "( %(alsocat)s உம் உள்ளது)",
- "category-changing": "தானியங்கி: %(oldcat)s ஐ மாற்றுகின்றது",
"category-listifying": "தானியக்கி: %(fromcat)s இல் இருந்து (%(num)d என்னும் உள்ளிடுகைகள்) -உக்கு பட்டியலிடப்படுகின்றது",
"category-removing": "தானியங்கி: %(oldcat)s இல் இருந்து நீக்குகின்றது",
"category-replacing": "தானியங்கி: வகைப்பாடு %(oldcat)s ஐ %(newcat)s ஆக மாற்றுகின்றன",
diff --git a/category/te.json b/category/te.json
index 706a3ef..6a0654c 100644
--- a/category/te.json
+++ b/category/te.json
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"category-adding": "బాటు: [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] వర్గాన్ని చేర్చింది",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s లలో కూడా ఉంది)",
- "category-changing": "బాటు: %(oldcat)s వర్గాన్ని %(newcat)sకి మార్చింది",
"category-listifying": "బాట్: %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 entry|%(num)d entries}}) నుండి జాబితా సేకరణ",
"category-removing": "బాట్: %(oldcat)s నుండి తొలగించడం",
"category-renamed": "బాట్: %(oldcat)s నుండి తరలించబడింది. రచయితలు:%(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/tet.json b/category/tet.json
index bb40ef2..1b921ff 100644
--- a/category/tet.json
+++ b/category/tet.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "bot: tau tan [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(mós iha %(alsocat)s laran)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Muda %(oldcat)s ba %(newcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Muda %(oldcat)s ba %(newcat)s",
"category-was-moved": "Bot: Naran foun kategoria nian - [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(title)s]]"
diff --git a/category/th.json b/category/th.json
index 23ae09c..9b18106 100644
--- a/category/th.json
+++ b/category/th.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "บอต: เพิ่มหมวดหมู่ [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(เช่นเดียวกับใน %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "บอต: เปลี่ยน %(oldcat)s ไปยัง %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "บอต: รวบรวมรายชื่อจาก %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 รายการ|%(num)d รายการ}})",
"category-removing": "บอต: ลบจาก %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "บอต: ย้ายจาก %(oldcat)s ผู้เขียนเดิม: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/tl.json b/category/tl.json
index f775d5a..352ff0e 100644
--- a/category/tl.json
+++ b/category/tl.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Nagdaragdag ng kategoryang [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(nasa loob din ng %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Binabago ang %(oldcat)s upang maging %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Isinalilista mula sa %(fromcat)s (%(num)d entries)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Tinatanggal mula sa %(oldcat)s",
"category-replacing": "Robot: Pinapalitan ng kategoryang %(oldcat)s ng %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/tly.json b/category/tly.json
index f024581..7ff5e8d 100644
--- a/category/tly.json
+++ b/category/tly.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Робот: Категоријә зијод карде [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(һажыго бә %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Робот: %(oldcat)s дәгиш кардә быә бә %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Робот: %(fromcat)s (%(num)d әсосонку) сијоһи тумо бејдә",
"category-removing": "Робот: %(oldcat)s категоријәку истисно",
"category-renamed": "Робот: бардыше чыјо %(oldcat)s. мыәллифон: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/tr.json b/category/tr.json
index b66ce58..1f4bc24 100644
--- a/category/tr.json
+++ b/category/tr.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: [[Kategori:%(newcat)s]] ekleniyor",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s kategorisinde de yer almaktadır)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s %(newcat)s olarak değiştiriliyor",
"category-listifying": "Bot: %(fromcat)s sayfasından itibaren (%(num)d girdi) listeleniyor",
"category-removing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s kategorisinden kaldırılıyor",
"category-replacing": "Bot: %(oldcat)s, %(newcat)s kategorisiyle değiştiriliyor",
diff --git a/category/tt.json b/category/tt.json
index 39a196f..1decb68 100644
--- a/category/tt.json
+++ b/category/tt.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Робот: Төркем өстәү [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(шулай ук %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Робот: %(oldcat)s-ны %(newcat)s-ка үзгәртте",
"category-listifying": "Робот: (%(num)d Элементтан исемлек төзелә) %(fromcat)s",
"category-removing": "Робот: %(oldcat)s арасыннан аеру",
"category-replacing": "Робот: %(oldcat)s төркемен %(newcat)s төркеменә алмаштыру",
diff --git a/category/ug.json b/category/ug.json
index e097c2a..54a7f82 100644
--- a/category/ug.json
+++ b/category/ug.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "ماشىنا ئادەم: [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]] كاتېگورىيە قوشۇۋاتىدۇ",
"category-also-in": "(%(alsocat)s كاتېگورىيەدىمۇ بار)",
- "category-changing": "ماشىنا ئادەم: %(oldcat)s دىن %(newcat)s غىچە ئۆزگەرتىۋاتىدۇ",
"category-listifying": "ماشىنا ئادەم: %(fromcat)sدىن ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 تۈر|%(num)d تۈر}}) تىزىمىنى ئاجرىتىۋاتىدۇ",
"category-removing": "ماشىنا ئادەم: %(oldcat)sدىن چىقىرىۋېتىۋاتىدۇ",
"category-replacing": "ماشىنا ئادەم: كاتېگورىيە %(oldcat)sنى %(newcat)sغا ئالماشتۇرىۋاتىدۇ",
diff --git a/category/uk.json b/category/uk.json
index 74237a6..e275183 100644
--- a/category/uk.json
+++ b/category/uk.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "Бот: додав категорію [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(також у %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Бот: замінив %(oldcat)s на %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Робот: складання списку %(fromcat)s із ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 запису|%(num)d записів}})",
"category-removing": "Бот: видалення з %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Бот: перейменовано з %(oldcat)s. Автори: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/ur.json b/category/ur.json
index 9c315fe..9a80d7c 100644
--- a/category/ur.json
+++ b/category/ur.json
@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@
"category-adding": "خودکار: اضافہ زمرہ [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
- "category-changing": "خودکار: %(oldcat)s کی %(newcat)s سے تبدیلی",
"category-replacing": "خودکار: زمرہ %(oldcat)s کی %(newcat)s سے تبدیلی"
diff --git a/category/vec.json b/category/vec.json
index fa5eaf2..767d847 100644
--- a/category/vec.json
+++ b/category/vec.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: Xonto ła categoria [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(anca in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: Canbio %(oldcat)s in %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: Creo ła lista da %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 voxe|%(num)d voxe}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: Cavo da %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Spostà da %(oldcat)s. Autori: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/vi.json b/category/vi.json
index 573966b..3772ae9 100644
--- a/category/vi.json
+++ b/category/vi.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Thêm thể loại [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(cũng trong %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Đổi %(oldcat)s thành %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Danh sách hóa từ %(fromcat)s (%(num)d trang)",
"category-removing": "Bot: Dời khỏi %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Di chuyển từ %(oldcat)s. Tác giả: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/vo.json b/category/vo.json
index 577da77..7a5d9a5 100644
--- a/category/vo.json
+++ b/category/vo.json
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: läükon: category [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(i in %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Votükon: %(oldcat)s ad %(newcat)s",
"category-removing": "bot moükon se %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Bot: Petopätüköl de %(oldcat)s. Lautans: %(authors)s",
"category-replacing": "Bot: Votükon: %(oldcat)s ad %(newcat)s",
diff --git a/category/wa.json b/category/wa.json
index 142927d..3f021b5 100644
--- a/category/wa.json
+++ b/category/wa.json
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"category-adding": "Robot: radjouter l' categorye [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(ossu dins %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Robot: displaeçaedje di %(oldcat)s eviè %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Robot: djivêye del categoreye «%(fromcat)s» ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 cayet|%(num)d cayets}})",
"category-removing": "Robot: disfaçaedje del categoreye «%(oldcat)s»",
"category-replacing": "Robot: replaecî l' categoreye «%(oldcat)s» avou «%(newcat)s»",
diff --git a/category/yi.json b/category/yi.json
index 46b8573..3482598 100644
--- a/category/yi.json
+++ b/category/yi.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "באט: לייגט צו קאַטעגאריע [[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(אויך אין %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "ראָבאָט: ענדערן %(oldcat)s צו %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "באָט: שאַפֿן א רשימה פֿון %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|1 בלאט|%(num)d בלעטער}})",
"category-removing": "באט: נעמט אַוועק פֿון %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "באט: באוועגט פון %(oldcat)s. שרײַבער: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/yo.json b/category/yo.json
index ab951dd..2e02755 100644
--- a/category/yo.json
+++ b/category/yo.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"category-adding": "Bot: Ìfikún ẹ̀ka [[Category:%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(bákannáà nínú %(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "Bot: Únṣeàyípadà %(oldcat)s sí %(newcat)s",
"category-listifying": "Bot: Únṣeàtòjọ láti %(fromcat)s ({{PLURAL:%(num)d|ìkọsínú 1|ìkọsínú %(num)d}})",
"category-removing": "Bot: Únyọkúrò láti inú %(oldcat)s",
"category-renamed": "Robot: Jẹ́ yíyúpòpadà láti %(oldcat)s. Olùdá: %(authors)s",
diff --git a/category/zh.json b/category/zh.json
index 9b8837d..980fecb 100644
--- a/category/zh.json
+++ b/category/zh.json
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"category-adding": "机器人:添加分类[[:Category:%(newcat)s|%(newcat)s]]",
"category-also-in": "(也在%(alsocat)s)",
- "category-changing": "机器人:更改%(newcat)s至%(oldcat)s",
"category-listifying": "机器人:从%(fromcat)s提取列表(%(num)d个项目)",
"category-removing": "机器人:从%(oldcat)s中移除",
"category-renamed": "机器人:从%(oldcat)s移动。作者:%(authors)s",

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