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In 30 minutes, we are hosting a lunch talk with Gisela Pérez de Acha, a Mexican lawyer and activist who specializes in free speech and gender rights within the digital world. The talk will be live-streamed via our Youtube channel and recorded


About the talk:

"Can we design better platforms to counter online gendered violence? The feminist experience in Latin America"

The internet has made collaboration and access to knowledge easier for many people around the world. However, many current internet technologies fail large parts of society: social media platforms and other websites and services continue to harbor online gendered violence.
In her talk, Gisela Pérez de Acha will demonstrate that the female experience of online communication needs to be radically improved to ensure women can safely participate in public discourse and exercise their right to freedom of expression. Showcasing feminist projects from Latin America, Gisela will illustrate the changes to internet infrastructure she and other digital rights activists want to see to ensure women's rights are respected in the digital context.

Stephen LaPorte
Legal Director
Wikimedia Foundation

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