Thank you Jan for the heads up.. anyone else that followed? It would be very interesting I guess, if  a black out takes place massively on Wednesday or Thursday (the day of the actual vote)

Any way we can convince all EU wikis?

Am I too ambitious?


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Θέμα: Re: [Publicpolicy] Italian Wikipedia blackout
Perhaps reach out to someone of the users who edited the itwiki Mediawiki:Common.js?

/Jan Ainali

Den tis 3 juli 2018 kl 09:56 skrev Eva Lepik <>:

We would like to do this in Estonian wiki too, can somebody help us with the technical side? Our community supports the protest.



On 03.07.2018 10:47, Jan Ainali wrote:
If anyone has missed, last midnight itwiki started displaying a message in protest of article 11 and 13. A few pages are whitelisted, but in general you are taken to the message when visiting.

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