Dear All,

we didn't wait long until - after the feedback sought on the Preliminary Impact Assessment - the European Commission wants to learn more about how to improve the efforts in fighting illegal content online. The consultation is open until June 25th[1] and it has a form of a concise questionnaire[2].

I will be working on the questionnaire where it requires a narrative (short answers) after May 15th and make the responses available on meta. The questionnaire is partially the same for everyone and partially customized according to the capacity in which you answer (as an individual, a digital rights organization, an online hosting service provider, etc.).

Since the way we will in future implement and encounter illegal content moderation - whether as a notice and takedown or automated detection/filtering - is very important for the whole community, I encourage you to consider sending a separate response, in whichever capacity you feel it makes sense for you. It is clear that the questions steer us into the model that has been presented in both the Communication and the Recommendation for Tackling Illegal Content Online, and these solutions are not all great. It is important that we show that we care about this topic.

I am happy to receive any feedback from you on both the general level as well as on detailed questions. If needed, I will help and share the approach we will have in Brussels on this in greater detail.

Have a good week!




Anna Mazgal
EU Policy Advisor
mobile: +32 487 222 945
51 Rue du TrĂ´ne
BE-1050 Brussels