Bienvenue Myriam !

I'm one of the (volunteer) directors of these Open Rights Group, in the UK. FoP is something I'm particularly interested in and I wrote some pieces on Medium that got a bunch of coverage in summer. Also I'm a long-time editor (mainly on enwiki and commons), as User:OwenBlacker.

En plus, je suis francophone et j'aimerais tant qu'on gagne le liberté de panorama pour toute l'UE.

Don't hesitate to ask, if there's something I can do to help :-)


On Fri, 9 Oct 2015 16:14 Dimitar Parvanov Dimitrov <> wrote:
Hello everybody,

Please join me in welcoming Myriam Berard to Wikimedia. She is Wikimédia France's public policy assistant/trainee.

Myriam is a talented photographer, an avid copyright activist and a master in digital rights.

She will be responsible for pushing through FoP in France, so from now all all complaints to her, please :D


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