one special exception in one country doesn't put away the fact that Wikipedia Zero is damaging the struggle to keep net neutrality an basic principle around the world.

Wikipedia Zero is undermining globally the activities of NGOs, activists and other entities against commercial and some governmental interests which would like to weaken/destroy net neutrality.

Wikipedia Zero is an argument against net neutrality in the hands of its enemies. With Wikipedia Zero the foundation is endangering its position in the digital civil rights movement as seen at the IGF in Istanbul recently.

Without any globally shared meta concept Wikipedia Zero stays to be a welcomed marketing trick for mobile providers.


Am 22.09.2014 22:39 schrieb "Cristian Consonni" <kikkocristian@gmail.com>:
(probably this can be commented by more qualified people than myself)

Chile's government (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones, SUBTEL) has
issued a circular (i.e. an explanation of the law), called circular n.
40[1], earlier in April this year stating that zero-rating go against
the Chilean net neutrality law in force (spec. disposition n. 6 and 7.
of law n. 18.168)[*]. Today  SUBTEL has "confirmed to us [WMF and
Wikimedia Chile] that the new order was not intended to prevent
Wikipedia Zero and similar free knowledge initiatives"


Well, in one word this is, for sure, "a thing".


[1] http://www.subtel.gob.cl/transparencia/Perfiles/Transparencia20285/Normativas/Oficios/14oc_0040.pdf
[*] {{es}} (end of page 1) "La estructura de la oferta en comento,
importan a juicio de esta autoridad una contravención a las normas que
en la especie regulan y prohiben conductas discriminatorias de
contenidos, aplicaciones o servicios, que integran el principio de
Neutralidad de Red contenidas en la normativa sectorial, y en
particular al texto del articulo 24o H letra a) de la Ley [dispuesto
6o y 7o de la Ley no. 18,168]"
{{en}} "The structure of the offers under scrutiny, imply to the
judjement of this authority an infringement of the norms ... which
regulate and prohibit conduct of discrimination of contents,
applications or services which constitute the principle of Net
Neutrality contained in the sectorial norms, and in particular in the
text of the article 24th H letter a) of the [aforementioned] law"

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