Help us decide which policy issues are important to Wikimedia by filling out a questionnaire [1]

Hello everybody,

Wikimania and most people's summer holidays are over, in Brussels bureaucrats are slowly retunring to work and it is time for us to step up our activity. This being said, there is not monitoring report of August, instead, please help us get as many Wikimedians as possible to fill out our survey!

We as a community are an active and prominent part of "the internet". Still, we can't deal with each and every issue it comes across.

We are trying to build up a structure [2] that lets us monitor policy procedures with future impact on our work and are hoping to articulate our needs and wishes. It is therefore crucial to us to know what as many people people within our movmement think and which topics they deem important. In short:

Which policy issues should be on our priority list?

The survey [1] takes less than 10 minutes (I personally nailed a 6:34) and will help us immensely with our strategy planning. It is intended to also define the questions in a survey we are planning to send out to political parties ahead of the European Parliament elections 2014.

Thanks for the help and have a great autumn!