On 08/03/2014 03:17 PM, Dimitar Parvanov Dimitrov wrote:
Unfortunately some of our worse fears are becoming reality. Truth is, Wikimedia, due to its innner conflict in this case has always been too weak and vulnerable to have an active position on a red hot issue like net neutrality. We're torn between the awareness that we thrive only because of an equal internet and the logical wish to spread our awesome projects.
This is quite a telling paragraph. And I think it's at the heart of the discussion.

If your choice is between an open and equal internet and a successful Wikipedia, you must chose an open and equal internet.

After only a short 20 years with the internet as we know it, the greatest risk is balkanisation. Please do not be so caught up in Wikipedia's awesomeness (it is indeed awesome!) as to not see the long term needs of humanity. With Facebook it's really easy to see that they want Facebook Zero for world domination. You're admitting here that this too is the reason that Wikipedia Zero should exist.

Wikipedia has been hugely successful because of the conditions of an open internet. Closing that down, violating net neutrality, creating precedent for select free services means that there can never be another brave invention like Wikipedia.

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