On 5/28/13 9:38 AM, Stephen LaPorte wrote:

My questions are:

* Could we ask for blackout Wikipedia (not just zh.wp) ONLY for Taiwan IP?
(Some users from China hope this blackout will not effect them)

From a technical perspective, yes. This could be implemented as a geotargeted CentralNotice banner limited to Taiwan. In theory all Wikimedia projects could be blacked out in Taiwan only.

* If we could implement such blackout, how soon it can be done?

If you have people who are willing to code the blackout banner in CentralNotice, it could be implemented immediately. If you need technical support on this or want to actually lock zh.wiki to be read-only during the blackout, that will require assistance from the WMF and thus some spin-up time. The en.wiki blackout was implemented as a CentralNotice banner, although we also locked the project to prevent people who had Javascript disabled from getting around the blackout (which may have been overkill in my opinion). If you want to study the en.wiki blackout banner, it can be seen here:

Ryan Kaldari