Hi all,

COVID-19 or not, t he first year and a half of every new legislative term in the EU are characterised by a large number of public consultation the European Commission runs in order to prepare for its upcoming legislative initiatives. We have already shared the consultation on Artificial Intelligence regulation [1] in the last EU Policy Monitoring Report. Closely connected to it (as AI feeds on data).

The European Commission is asking whether a general, continental set of rules and principles for data sharing is a good idea, how to open up data for the public interest, if data access and sharing principles should be included in EU funding programmes and also which data sets should be considered high value.

The last point relates to the Open Data Directive [2] which was passed during the last legislative term and is formerly known as Public Sector Information Directive. It allows the European Commission to publish a list of "high-value datasets" that must be available for re-use free of charge and in machine readable formats.

In case you want to work with us on the answers, we have until 31 May 2020 to submit them. We would appreciate your input by 16 May 2020 on Meta: