Dear all,

please keep in mind that this week is a Strasbourg week and all MEPs can be reached to their Strasbourg phone numbers.

I know that this might be complicated .. but I think it is useful to have it in mind.



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Θέμα: Re: [Publicpolicy] Copyright Reform: Get Ready for the 12 June #SaveYourInternet Action Day

Wikimedia Eesti will also join the action tomorrow.
Eva Lepik

11.06.2018 12:03 Pierre-Yves Beaudouin kirjutas:

Hi all

FYI WMFr will participate tomorrow to this action day. Will other affiliates relay this call to action ?


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Dear Pierre-Yves
Get Ready for the 12 June #SaveYourInternet Action Day
In this update on the #SaveYourInternet campaign:
Good News: We're Getting Heard & the Message is Spreading

BBC News picked-up the #SaveYourInternet campaign (see the Tweet). A big thanks to Jim Killock of the UK's Open Rights Group (ORG) for the thorough explanation to BBC. 
In the short time since the campaign has been launched, the #SaveYourInternet hashtag has already been used in over 5.000 tweets by almost 3.000 people, but we still need to make a lot more noise to get our message heard by everyone!
12 June #SaveYourInternet Action Day: Our Plans & How To Help
Our Plans

12 June = #SaveYourInternet Action Day: On that day, our homepage will feature a special 'Call to Action' message. We'll encourage visitors to Tweet to their Members of the European Parliament, with the #SaveYourInternet hashtag.
How To Help

Support the 12 June Action Day: You can support this action day in multiple ways, namely through:
  1. Banners: Add one of our #SaveYourInternet Action Day banner to your website (see the banners that you can use before 12 June, the banners that you can use on 12 June, and our general banners);
  2. Blogs: Write a blog post about it (see our blog here and the mythbuster below, check our resources, and find images that you can re-use here); and,
  3. Mailinglists & social media: Inform your network through your mailinglists and social media channels.
If you tweet don't forget to add the #SaveYourInternet hashtag so that everyone can spot it and amplify your message, and if you publish anything or add a banner to your website, please add your efforts to this Google doc, so that we can keep track of what's happening and how everyone's contributing to this fight.

Support the campaign in general: Several organisations have already committed their support to this effort, and we count on all other civil society organisations to follow this example. If you want to support this effort, reply to this email with your logo.
Mythbusting: Article 13 Misunderstanding & Misinformation

Journalist Glyn Moody debunks the misunderstanding and misinformation out there about Article 13 in a new article on Boing Boing, as he observes that "the copyright directive in general, and Article 13 in particular, very often hinge[s] on (...) subtle points". In his article he explains the EU legislative process, and why we need to act now, and tackles the fact that:
  • it's still filtering, even if you don't say the word "filtering";
  • this goes way beyond notice-and-takedown;
  • there's no magic filter for all types of content;
  • the GDPR is an ally, not the enemy.

About the Copyright for Creativity (C4C) coalition

Created in 2010, Copyright for Creativity (C4C) is a broad-based coalition that seeks an informed debate on how copyright can more effectively promote innovation, access, and creativity. C4C represents libraries, scientific and research institutions, consumers, digital rights groups, technology businesses, and educational and cultural heritage institutions that share a common view on copyright embodied by C4C's Declaration and Copyright Manifesto. Check our full list of signatories.

C4C is listed in the Joint European Commission - European Parliament Transparency Register.

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