Hi David,

Thank you for reaching out to the list and I hope we can help. I definitely think we should put our heads together on this!

One thing that I am struggling to understand is the following: "unmask IP addresses of websites that are user-generated". What is the current system? Who and under which circumstances can unmask IP addresses right now? Why would it in this case only target user-generated sites and not all sites hosting (allegedly) illegal activities?

Generally there are two strategies: Either you try to stop the entire law/paragraph or to get an exception for what you care. Stopping a paragraph could also mean replacing it with something else.

Has there been some concrete event that triggered the Ministry to move in this direction?

Thank you again and sorry for asking more questions right now than I have answers for you!


На сб, 13.03.2021 г. в 4:52 ч. DW Fisher-Freberg <dwfisherfreberg@gmail.com> написа:
Hello everyone,

In November 2020, Indonesian Ministry of ICT passed a new regulation (Permenkominfo 5/2020) on "Private Electronic System''. Among others, the regulation would allow the government to force ISPs and basically any web operator to unmask IP addresses of websites that are user-generated for a very broad set of reasons, including but not limited to "inflammatory contents" and "public disorder". The Electronic Frontier Foundation has discussed this new regulation at length here.

At Indonesian Wikipedia village pump, we concluded that this regulation will invariably make Wikimedia projects and affiliates in Indonesia subject to it. We are very concerned about the possibility of a broad interpretation of this regulation by the government and its effect on Wikimedia projects here, especially observing the increasingly illiberal attitude of the current government on Internet and data policy.

We would very much welcome suggestions, warning tales, and/or practical experiences that we could learn in anticipating this regulation's incoming enforcement.


David W. Fisher-Freberg
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