Dear Friends,

you have spoken (and thank you for that)! We will convene online on
Thursday, July 1st, 17:00-20:00 CET

Small Lean BXL Meeting: “Brave New EU”

We want to:

How do I get access?
If you plan to participate we need to ask you to confirm this again to provide you with access details to the meeting. Apologies, we just don't want to be gate-crashed with any content that would spoil our good spirit. There is no deadline, just hit respond to this email and we will know to let you in in due time.

Where do I join?
We are now working out the details of which platform we will use to meet. We will share it with everyone who confirms participation (for example by hitting respond to this email).

I want to tell you about exciting news!
If you have news to share - wonderful! No need to prepare any of that - unless you want to show something on screen, have a paralel chat with interested people, or have any other special request - then please let us know before we meet so that we can accommodate this.

We are very excited to see you in July!

Anna Mazgal
EU Policy Advisor
mobile: +32 487 222 945
12 Rue Belliard
BE-1040 Brussels

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BE 0563.775.480 - RPR Brussel
Antwerpselaan 40 Boulevard d’Anvers 1000 Brussel/Bruxelles