Add Estonia to the list as well.


2016-10-10 17:56 GMT+03:00 Dimitar Parvanov Dimitrov <>:
Hi all,

Several EU Member States' governments are running a national consultations on the EU copyright reform proposal. We will try to participate in as many of these as possible. This is important, because the Council (where the Member States governments sit) will vote on this reform together with the European Parliament.

For now, we are aware of the national consultations in Germany, Poland, Austria and Sweden. It would be very helpful if you could check for such a process in your country and ping it back to me.

In parallel, we are working on a document that can easily be translated into everyone's language and then submitted. The three key demands will be Freedom of Panorama, safeguarding the public domain and guaranteeing intermediary liability protection.

Thank you!


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