Hello, everybody!

I am happy to report that as of this month my loneliness in Brussels has effectively been cured. Not only did we found Wikimedia Belgium [1][2], but we now also have a second permanent Weasel in Brussels! Please meet Karl from Sweden (signed up to this list).

Karl [3][4] is a member of Wikimedia Sverige and has been has been sitting in the Swedish National Assembly for 8 years representing the County of Stockholm district. After being member of the Swedish parliament for two terms he decided he wants to deal with copyright issues on a more international scale. He thus contacted us and moved permanently to Brussels to help out with our EU policy efforts.

I am very glad to have him on board, not only because of expertise, political savoir-faire and network, but also because him being here reduces the risk of me succumbing to cabin fever :)

I hope you join me in welcoming him!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!