Hi Niko,

An exception for the cultural sector is surely better than no exception at all, but is that something that would help us if everything else is tightly and harshly regulated? The Commission has affirmed its intentions to have an intellectual property regulation chapter in the document.

Then again, there will be serious questions as to what this exception for the "audiovisual sector" (including online services) is about. The initiative came mainly from the French cinema industry who wanted to keep their quotas (France and many other EU countries have a mininum % of national films that have to be shown on each cinema screen).

The real problem here is that while the European Parliament will be on board, the negotiations will again be mostly done behind the scenes, so we are running the risk of being presented something final that cannot be changed anymore.


2013/5/29 Nikolas Becker <nikolas.becker@wikimedia.de>
Hi Dimi, hi all,

thank you for this wonderful report: Very well structured and good to read! Two remarks:

#IPRTTIP: I wonder if the "Cultural exception" [1] could solve our concerns. Has anyone read the vote in detail?

#Regarding the netneutrality regulation, I will very probably publish a study in July.

Best wishes,

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