how much budget would be reasonable for this year?

On Feb 6, 2012 7:41 AM, "Manuel Schneider" <> wrote:
Very good to hear!

My suggestion is to have a meeting at LinuxTag in Berlin this year (May
23rd - 26th). I am currently trying to set up a joint booth of the
german-speaking Wikimedias (AT/CH/DE) which could act as a showroom for
openZIM (and other projects).

As Emmanuel already indicated I have no budget for 2012. As the project
appeared dead it didn't make sense to me to just put down numbers and
going to find a sponsor when we don't even concluded on what we want to
do 2012 and there is no security that the sponsor's money would actually
being used to make progress in the offline project.

This means I can't provide travel costs for a trip to Berlin. On the
other hand I assume that Tommi will be there anyway with his tntnet
project and Emmanuel might want to help on the Wikimedia booth as a
representative of Wikimedia CH.

Any comments?

Manuel Schneider

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