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Do we want to make a developers workshop during LinuxTag in May?

Manuel Schneider

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Dear projects!

LinuxTag offers some rooms to organise a "projects to projects programme" or "developer to developer programme". We call this project workshops. Main purpose for this room is to provide attending projects an opportunity to talk to other developers (not necessarily from the same project) and to go into detail for a larger group than what would be possible at the booth. The workshops were well received by visitors in the previous years and most probably, because it will be on display for visitors again, will have a good number in audience this year, too.

Please note: all workshops will be open to the public and will be announced so. In special cases we can make an exception, but we would like to discuss this in detail with you, if you think a session should be non-public.

In case you or a member of your project is interested in giving a hands-on workshop, please follow this procedure to register a workshop for LinuxTag 2011:

 1. Submissions are to be placed -guess what!- in our virtual Conferrence Center, please use your vCC account, and go to the speaker section to propose a new paper <https://vcc.linuxtag.org/cc.pl?rm=papers&personality=speaker>. Please choose category "Project Workshop" for your proposal here. Normally a slot is 60 Minutes (don't forget to reserve some minutes at the end so the next workshop can be prepared!), but your workshop may last up to three hours. You can neglect the licence because it is not planned to distribute your submission (like a paper for the conference programme). But please do not forget to choose the language for your workshop submission. English may be your language of choice, but it is a valuable information for an interested visitor.

 2. Send an email with the subject 'Workshop proposal' containing the paper id, the desired duration of your workshop as well as your preferred date and time to conference@linuxtag.org. If possible include an auxiliary date, too. Please check the workshop schedule at <http://www.linuxtag.org/2011/en/program/project-workshops.html> first to ensure your proposed date and time are still free.

 3. LinuxTag's conference team will check your proposal and in most cases immediately confirm your workshop.

This info can also be found at https://wiki.linuxtag.org/w/fp:Project_workshops in case you want to circulate the news within your project.



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LinuxTag - 11.-14. May 2011, Berlin fairgrounds. Be part of it!