Excellent, i will test this new release.

Im using the last raspberry pi versiĆ³n and i will use the spanish wp with images

On Sat, Jun 1, 2019, 08:03 Emmanuel Engelhart, <kelson@kiwix.org> wrote:

We have released a few days ago a new Kiwix-Hotspot version called 2.0.4.

Here is the small changelog:
* Speed up improvements for Wikifundi
* Updated kiwix-serve to 0.9.0
* Remove Ideascube (homepage is static generated on installer)
* Image file shrunk after creation

As a reminder, Kiwix Hotspot is probably the easiest solution to
create your offline WiFi library running on Raspberry Pi. Whatever
your operating system (Windows/MacOS/Linux) is, even if you have no
technical skills, you can in a few clicks create a ready-to-use micro SD
card for your Raspberry-Pi.

More details at https://www.kiwix.org/en/downloads/kiwix-hotspot/


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