Hello Offline Wiki Wonderland members

This is a reminder that the deadline to cast a vote for the ASBS election is TODAY.

You need to be in the list of active members to vote.



Le 30/05/2019 à 16:54, Samuel Klein a écrit :
Dear all,

The offline User Group is eligible to vote in the Affiliate-selected Board seats electionAnthere and I volunteered to be points of contact for the group this year, which means we will vote or abstain on behalf of the group this week.

Here is what we sent to our active members who are not candidates or current trustees:

0. If you'd like to discuss by voice, I've set up hangouts tomorrow and Friday to  decide whether to participate in the election and which candidates to select: 

1. The ASBS process:
* Candidates were nominated / self-nominated, and answered open questions
* Each user group can cast one vote, ranking candidates from 1 to 11 (most to least preferred)

2. There is no standard process for voting across groups.  Our brief proposed process:

Review the candidates (above) and email me and Anthere offlist (with ASBS in the subject) if you have a preference for or against any of the candidates, particularly from the perspective of our shared work. 
* If you think we should abstain from the vote instead, let us know.  If we do not get sufficient input, we will cast a blank vote.
* For the purposes of this vote, only active members of the group who are not participating in other affiliate votes should participate.

If you have questions or comments about the vote, let us know.