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you can count me in. How about holding a meeting at Wikimania this summer? This will probably be the largest event this year and we would still have some time to prepare things. I was planning to do a session on the new collection extension, but maybe we need some time to discuss how we can better coordinate our offline activities.


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This is a great initiative. I wonder if this would be something worth working on in one of the upcoming hackathons. There is one in Berline in March; if there was a group that would be interested in working specifically on this and can go that could be really cool!

The Berlin Hackathon takes place from June 1-3. So there is still a little more time. (http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Berlin_Hackathon_2012)


Oh - thanks for the correction, Cristoph! I guess I was thinking it was before the chapters conference in March.

You know, it might be worth considering if there is a LARGE offline meeting we want to do together: to get together and work on the specific pieces of the Offline system. There are a lot of things we are working on that are *almost* there, but that just need the final push - whether that be tools for article selection, package compilation, reader functionality, or file support. 

Would this be of interest to people? I would really love to see these projects scale together to the next level, and would love to devote energy into planning this if we could compile a critical mass.


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