2011/8/6 Tomasz Finc <tfinc@wikimedia.org>
I'm going to pull out some of the discussion points from the notes for
wider discussion.

* there is little support from the WMF

: This is always going to be a subjective answer but lets keep in mind
that the WMF has been sponsoring work for improving Kiwix, expanding
the Collections extension to support openZIM, and improving Article

Each one of those plays a key role in the offline content pipeline.
Non engineering wise we've been connecting with the English, Spanish,
and Portuguese projects so that we can help release new collection.
We've also been working with eReadia and a whole host of others to
better understand the offline space. Everyone can always do more but
its important to choose what you work on and make that work well.

I think the bigger discussion point can be is if the WMF doing enough
and if not knowing why.

* the promised things like regular ZIM dumps sohuld be finally done by
WMF to support the spread of the software / project

: The current XML dumps is system is fairly broken and has been a
nightmare to manage over the last couple of years. And if you think
the XML system is bad then don't even look at the HTML generation
system. Instead of pushing more work into it we've opted to go for a
much simpler route. Allow the collections infrastructure to generate
full project files. Using the existing system we make the workflow
much easier for anyone wanting openZIm files while at the same time
not making our infrastructure more complicated then it needs to be.

* openZIM and Kiwix are hardly able to cope with the expectations due
to missing developers - not only software-wise but also concerning

Totally agree. We've made some amazing progress on both the Kiwix
betas and Collections extension but we can still do more. I think we
have to look at the engagement that we do (LinuxTag, Wikimania, Berlin
Dev Conf, beta testing, blog posts, etc) and really assess whats
working and whats not. The chapters can do a lot here to fund
initiatives and help run them.

* reimbursement for the server to build ZIM files


* house the Kiwix server in a NOC

+1 .. I've said for a while that we should just move it over to

* restructure the Offline pages on Meta wiki:

Who is owning this piece? I'd love to add my ideas about how to go about it.
Jessie Wild (cc) & myself had some ideas written in her notebook. 

* writing proposal for a contractor on openZIM

Looking over http://openzim.org/Roadmap its bit hard to know what's
happening post Wikimania. Whats the future look like?

Eager to hear other peoples thoughts.


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