Hi Emmannuel,

I want to do this request.


2013/10/9 Emmanuel Engelhart <kelson@kiwix.org>
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Sujet: [HELP NEEDED] Javascript (beginner level) developer for a small
feature request
Date : Wed, 09 Oct 2013 12:47:00 +0200
De : Emmanuel Engelhart <kelson@kiwix.org>
Pour : kiwix-developer@lists.sourceforge.net


I would appreciate any help for a small javscript developement:

This is a feature request gathering many small improvements which should
be done on http://www.kiwix.org/m/, a download page which is proposed to
Android users to download contents.

Here is the list of improvements:
-- Replace "Kiwix ZIM Contents" and "Content Downloads Filter" with only
one title like "Download content for Kiwix"
-- Remove "Content Type" select box (we don't have enough content for
now to justify such type of filtering)
-- "Language" selectbox should be automatically filled with the list of
languages available at http://www.kiwix.org/wiki/Template:ZIMdumps
(first column)
-- "Language" select box entry "Auto-detect" should be removed and
autodetect should be applied at loading base on browser agent language
-- Replace "Download Link" label by "Download method"
-- Replace "Download link" select box by two radio buttons-- Remove
"Filter button", each change on "Download method" or "Language" should
automatically apply the filter and reload the results
-- Block the page during each loading of the result (modal dialog box)
or darken the whole page
-- Make the filtering working for all languages, "Hindi" for example
does not work.

The source code is available at:

Any volunteer?

Kind regards
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