Hey there,

Mirko from Qi-Hardware again.

Sorry for the long period of silence, but I had to get certain things in motion before getting back to you.

The first units (sample units) are making their way to Europe now, to Berlin to be precise and we are still very much into OpenZim and applications using it on the Ben NanoNote[1].

I would propose to get one of the units to a member of your developer team so that you can have a closer look and see what could be done.

As our software effort is mainly focused on kernel development we have not reached the level of Xorg yet, so do you know of an ncurses viewer for the OpenZim format, which we could deploy as a reference point for other developers to get started? Or any other low-resource viewer usng fb only? The biggest limitation will be the 32MB RAM, which excludes any webbrowsers if I understand our engineers correctly.

Looking forward to your reply,


[1] http://www.qi-hardware.com/products/ben-nanonote/